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Wedding Gifts! Rss


I got a lot of good presents but one of the best ones I got was the sunbeam food saver. I use it every day especially when I buy meat, chicken and fish in bulk. I simply divide it all up in equal proportions and vacuum seal them. We also got a lemon and lime tree from some one. Something different and it'll come in handy when we get our own place in a couple of months. Other than that we got the usual toasters, rice cookers, electric frying pan and wok. My aunty's family brought a whole Russel Hobbs appliances so it all matches in the kitchen. Just some ideas. Other than gifts, I had a money box for people who gave money and gift vouchers. Hope that helps a bit. Good luck with your wedding.
I'm using the same website as you.
I'm also putting in link to RFDS and 2 other charity's so people can donate.
i put towels and some linen on my registry just to update our linen etc also i found some nice photo frames we like to put photos from the wedding etc in


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