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MTV Music Awards Rss

I need some help, I received a reward from work which entitles me to go to the mtv music awards 27th March in sydney airfares paid for and 1 nights accomodation. What would you wear to something like this its so out of my comfort zone. I feel very lucky but at the same time it seems all to hard. If any-one has been to one or could give me suggestions I would be most grateful.
OMG how lucky is that to win
I would take the most of that ... not often i get to go out so when i do i like to dress it up ... I would for sure go out and buy a beautiful dress that i prolly would wear once but know it could be worn again should another special occasion arise.

I dunno if you like dress's but that would be me.. or maybe even a nice top and pant set if you are more a pant fan. Should also just look at photos from previous MTV awards and see what is worn on average. and then go for something that fits in what the average if you like.

but if it was me i would use it as a dress up and feel fab night out smile
good luck smile
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