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Wedding Cakes Rss

Has anyone ever got their wedding cake from Micheles Patisserie or Cheesecake shop??

Just wondering whether you were happy with it or not??

I'm considering it to save a few hundred dollars, trying to cut costs.

Thanks Mel


My aunty inlaw got our engagment cake from micheles patisserie and when she orderd it it was ment to be 2 heart cakes in a purple icing with our names on them. I didnt know hubbys aunty very well so i just gave them a call just to make sure what she had put down. they said exactly like i told hubbys aunty so all was good. On the day of our engagmnet party she went to pick it up. Well lets just say it was one heart in blue icing. The whole whole thing was wrong and i was in tears. So we had my mother make the cake again and better so we got what we wanted it was a rush job but it was done in time.

But i went to the cheesecake shop for our wedding $70 it cost me for a 2 tired cake. when i got it it was better and bigger then i thought. they had one in their firdge that was fake but what we would be getting. they lady told me i could chose the colour ribbon etc and she said all the rolls of chocolote ontop dose not come with it. She said it was extra anyways i had a cake topper and things i wanted ontop of the cake. But i went to pick it up the night befor the wedding and was well in a state of shock when i found out they had put that ontop as well as more lol. The cake was so nice infact my mum did so much desert for the wedding that the cake did not get touched so it went home with us and i cut it up and froze it. yummmmm. its our first anavesery next month in april and i am going to buy us a small cheesecake to have on the night of our 1st. its so yummy lol.

Its a great way to save moeny i was thinking of spending anywhere up to $250 on a cake well with paying $70 from the cheesecake shop i was happy cause noone ate it anyway lol

TTC a baby girl

Thanks so much for your reply

For a lovely cake you must try the banana mud cake the cheese cake shop make.
I love their shop and seeing as my friend "hopefully" will make my wedding and engagement cakes i am going to get the banana mudcake and get her to work her magical hands over it.

nice cheap way of doing it for sure smile

Never had a cake from Michelle's but i love the cheese cake smile
Good luck
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