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cheap wedding ideas - PLEASE HELP RUNNING OUT OF TIME! Rss

Hi i'm new so forgive me if this has been done before..

I really need some ideas to keep our wedding costs down. We're getting married 25th July 09. We have a budget of $10,000 and we need some great ideas on keeping costs down so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I still need to organise
*Hire of Marqee
*Entertainment (music etc)
*Decorations (other than flowers)

So far we've sorted...
*location will be mum and dads back acre (very pretty between the trees) for reception and ceremony
*Bought DF's suit half price at a great sale
*Flowers are sorted as I own a florist

Hey there again!
How's the rain? Getting much?
Backyard wedding...Hmmm...perhaps you could hire a caterer? A spit roast perhapes?
Dress you could check out EBay or classifieds up there for a second hand one...besides you only wear it once! Mine's still hanging in the cupboard!
Photos - if professional photographer is too Xpensive, perhaps you have a friend who could take some nice pics? Digital cameras these days are great...can take hundreds and go thru 'em all later!
Entertainment - hire a DJ or get CD player that can hold a few CD's. Pic your fav music and let it play...burn your own CD of love/dancy songs!
Decorations? Metalic balloons and hang them in bunches with some pretty string...tables you could use nice little candles with a spray of flowers (plastic) around them...Buy some lengths of material to suit your colour to cover any tables and sprinkle over sequins eg. silver/gold stars? String up some fairy/Xmas lights through the trees or wherever...
Rings - jeweller! Doesn't have to cost a fortune for a plain band and if you want to make them more unique then see about engraving them on the inside with message to your partner.
Hope that helps...better start booking it now though!
Best of luck!
[Edited on 04/02/2009]

Hi again!

The rain is pretty bad, but not as bad as in Ingham so at least my house isn't under water!

Thanks for the great tips smile I love the one about the photgrapher. We dont really need a professional do we! I never thought of that. And buying my own material to cover the tables is brilliant - will have to use that one.

Anyone have any more please? lol! I'm sounding so desperate!

I know it's the wrong section but you may get more responses if you post it in the general discussion section! That's where most of them tend to hang out! Heehee!

ha ha thanks. I was going to but was scared i might get yelled at lol!
I'll try in now smile

I am not sure what type of wedding your after but .....
DRESS : If you want a traditonal white dress sales are always a good start and check out ebay. On the other had you could find a really nice dress say in your favorite colour and wear that, then you can wear it on other 'special' occassions.If your having bridesmaids maybe they could pay half of their dresses and let them choose what they might like ( you have to have the last say though lol).
MARQEE: Are you getting married on a Sat only asking cos a lot of companies will hire out at a cheaper cost for Sundays etc. Check out the local paper and also the yellow pages.
FOOD : There are so many catering companies out there you need to decide what style of wedding your having eg. cocktail or smorgasboard. You could also ask around at the local bowling or cricket clubs and find out if they have any contacts for this type of thing otherwise the local messenger or paper usually has ads for catering companies wanting your money lol
ENTERTAINMENT : You could hire a duke box or a Kariokee machine incorporated i it, makes for some interesting and fun times after everyone has had a few drinks!!
PHOTOGRAPHER: ask at the local TAFE or Uni if they have anyone that does this kind of work on the side eg. the photography teacher and make sure you buy a few of the disposable cameras and place them around the marqee and ask the guests to take photos over the evening - you will be amazed at some of the great 'natural' photos you will get.
DECORATIONS: I would choose a colour them then go with the balloons, also you could use coloured paper to cover your tables maybe use white as the base and then run a colour down the middle of each table then you could put textas on each table and get your guests to sign and write messages on them
Hi there,
we are also having a backyard "budget" wedding mid year. We have organised a caterer that do spit roasts but we will be supplying the alcohol as it's much cheaper that way. I bought my dress off e-bay. I dont care that it's second hand as i plan on selling it afterwards anyway. We found that it was cheaper to buy a marqee than hire one and we have already have someone interested in buying it when we are done with it! E-bay also sell a lot of decorations that are quite cheap and you can always try selling everything once you are done using them.
Hope this helps and good luck with it all.
Hiya well im busy planning our wedding but our budget is half yours... as i am getting married in a red dress it was heaps cheaper only $100. we went to our local $2 shop and got some coloured stones, floating candles and we are getting huge ballon type glasses to put them in, using spit roast company for food and buying our own alcohol ( gota love the use or return policy from the local store) as we are using the local hall for cermony and reception im just using a friends car as no one is gonna see it anyway. I am borrowing a page boy suit off a friend, we are thinking off using our computer conected to the halls pa system for music.

So my advice is borrow as much as you can shop around a few hours research can save you hundreds.

I got married 10 years ago now but at the time we have no money and didn't want to wait. We recruited friends and family to help and they all picked something they were good at and contributed in that way. My SIL made the cake and my BIL took the photos. I hand made my invitations. We found friends who had similar cars and used those to transport us (we were going to have a horse and cart but the horse got pregnant so we had to change our plans). I gave my bridesmaids a colour and told them to get a dress in the chosen colour that they could afford, they all chose stylist dresses taht actually went really well together. In the end my dad paid for the reception and since friends owned it they gave us a great deal. I got a great dress that was an ex-rental from a bridal shop for around $800 and we only really had to pay for the church. Even the honeymoon was on the cheap - a camping , driving holiday down the NSW coast and up the great ocean road.

I am not sure if this helps but utilize those people you know with skills. We didn't ask for a wedding present from them as their help with the prep was their gift to us. I hope you have a great day!

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