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Inexpensive Weddings? Rss

Has anyone had a great inexpensive wedding or have any ideas on how to organise one? So far we have a friend of ours who is a chaplain to do the ceremony free of charge. We thought either a beach or park, so it wont cost much money for that. Now here comes the hard part...What kind of food do we serve? We were thinking BBQ, because once again its cheap and everyone loves a good BBQ. Is that tacky? Im just wanting smart casual dress. We don't want to spend over $2000 and we will have around 20 guests. Is it do-able?? Any ideas would be great.

P.S We don't really want a "wedding"...Just a special day.

Hi, just read your post and I thought I could offer an idea. I have friends who got married last year and they got a caterer to do finger food in their backyard for $10 per person. It was really easy and plenty of food. This was from Something Blue in Caloundra but I'm sure there would be other places. Good luck.
Or a spit roast company to cater, that way nnone has to do any of the work or cleaning up! they can do basic deals to all included everything. They supply plates and cutlery tea cofee salads desserts and roast vegies and they clean up. Just google some spit roast companies if you are interested, they all seem to have a price range there online.
For photos, hire an ametuer (sp?) photographer. Ask for photos takes for so&so hrs and to be put on a cd. then you can print them out cheap and get photo books made or just scrapbook them. there is always the camera on the tables idea, but then most ppl get photos of the same thing or nothing lol and the processing fee weighs up.

Thanks for all your ideas! I like the idea of the catering... My partner works in photography so we will get one of his work collegues to take pics. Im sure they would be happy to.

Just a different thought if you aren't looking for a traditional wedding...

My uncle threw a b'day party for his girlfriend, I think it was a bbq or spit roast in their backyard. She disappeared for a while (not that anyone noticed) and he made a speech saying his gift was his hand in marriage or something like that and she came out in a dress and they were married by a celebrant.

Also friends of ours just did a similar surprise wedding as part of their daughters christening.
Aww that is so sweet...

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