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Ideas for my sisters birthday Rss

Wanted to do something special for my eldest sisters birthday, she will be 37. Any ideas would be really appreciated. Its in Febuary.
A surprice party is always good. I also did a party for my sister-in-law. She has been thru some hard times i went thru all the photo albums i could get my hands on brought a few really big photo frames and put all different photos in it really touched her, it brang back alot of memorys she seem to forgot, she loved it. I hope your party hasn't already finished. You can always do chocolate Scatters for the tables or thankyou for coming gifts for your guests as i have my own chocolate business i can help you with that. Goodluck and im sure she will be blown away with anything you do.
recently a friend had a come as something starting with "C" for her party (she was 40). You could choose the letter of your sisters name.

If she has a favourite restaurant or if you know of a nice one nearby, some of them have private function rooms that you could hire out. Not sure on the cost factor, but perhaps people could put money towards the venue hire instead of bringing a gift??

Hope you all have a great time.

WA - gorgeous little girl

I am 37 in march and i would love lunch on a boat cruise thing..
I would love to take a trip to one of my fave places and spend the day at markets and tinkering around (without my kids!)
i could do a surprise party as well, that would be nice
go to a show, like "chicago" or a concert 9that might be a bit late to sort out now though) even going to see a live band would be good

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