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My Wedding Dress :-) Lock Rss

I am just really excited that I have found a dress that I love and looks awesome on me so had to share it here, feel free to comment about it or just have a look and share in my joy lol.

Mandy xox

WOW!! That dress is stunning!!
woot wooooo!! tongue
Your dress is lovely, you will look amazing in it.

Congratulations on finding it.

It's stunning!!! Congratulations!!! WHen's your big day?
Thankyou ladies....I love, love, love it lol

31/10/2009 MrsK, how about you?

ooooh a halloween wedding are you having a theme or it just fell on that day? It's my brothers b'day on halloween! Pretty much guaranteed to get good weather!
Mine's 4/9/2010. Still yet to look at dresses and see what style suits. I'd like to lose some weight first from having bubs.
We were planning for the 10/10/09 but the venue we want to have it at only had the 31/10/09 available so we took is my Favourite colour so there will be splashes of it around but not alot.

OOOH i love the idea of orange too! That's awesome you got to get in where you wanted though!
eeeeeeee how exciting things are coming together for you!
The dress is soo nice. By the way, the marriage was held? I've been thinking about the place for a past month and so far my plans and dreams are headed towards Punta Cana. It turns out that the average price of a gorgeous wedding there is something like $2000 meanwhile in the US or Australia the price is $15000. And just check the pictures from the place
Unfortunately, I can't see your dress anymore sad I just wanted to mention the garment bags to store your dress and travel with. Here you can check some of them:
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