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Baby Shower Numbers Rss

I'm having my baby shower this weekend. Yay!! We've got 35 people coming. I've only been to one baby shower before and there were 7 or 8 people at that one. I'm feeling a bit nervous about the amount of people!! Should be great though. What were your baby shower numbers? What's normal?
I went to a babyshower about a month ago and there was about 40 people there.... Me personally did not have 1 for either of my babies....

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

I had about 15 people. No family though as both sides live in different states. My girlfriend had about 10 for a high tea and it was so lovely and cosy. I don't think there is a normal. Just enjoy the day and have lots of fun!

I went to one a few months ago and my friend had 37 there.
I havent had a baby shower for any of mine.

i had no baby shower = got pregnant in w.a so everyone else was in NSW
i had a small intimate thing in mind but it just got out of control!! DF has a huge family. His cousin is my friend and i met him through her so i was def inviting her, plus his mum and sister.Once i'd invited them i had to invite his Aunts and then his other cousins and then his mum wanted her best friend there and it just kept growing!!

from my side of the family there is just my mum (it's at her house) and my sister!!
I didn't have a baby shower (my own choice)

But I don't think it matters how many people you have, I also don't think there is a 'normal' number of guests IYKWIM
I had 43 people at my baby shower , a little big for my liking , I hardly knew most of them ( DP cousins etc....)
Both of My SILs organised it. I was a good day though but a few less would of been great . I had no chance to talk to everyone.
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