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Bridesmaid Dresses?? Rss

Hello, I will be 8 months pregnant for my Sisters wedding...does anybody have any advice or knowledge as to what the hell I am going to do??
I had the same problem for my sisters wedding...I was lucky in the fact that my sister didn't mind too much what I wore so we went shopping...I found a pattern for a nice baby doll style top and had it made in some flowing fabric with a skirt to match, it looked ok although I wasn't that impressed with the type of fabric used and I was 7 1/2 months pregnant

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My sister was 8 months pregnant at my wedding and the dressmaker just made the dress the same as all the other girls - fitted top to just under the boobs and instead of skirt being straight, she put a big pleat in at the top - hard to describe .... sorry!

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