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Wedding gifts - what to buy? Lock Rss

I was going to suggest this too. You can buy a really stunning clock for $250!!
Thanks soooo much for the loads of ideas. Now i'm going to make a short list!


i love kitchen stuff, so a really good set of knives, or a la crutsea *sp cast iron casserole dish
My parents still have the clock they got as a wedding gift - 27 years later. I think that's a great idea.
Bunnings vouchers can also be good, maybe writing in the card something about 'building' their lives together.

I create beautiful survival kit gift hampers at

Our Marriage Survival Kit is a collection of special keepsakes (and some fun, novelty items) to help the happy couple "survive" marriage. Each item has a message attached and everything is packaged in a vintage-style suitcase, which can be used to keep mementos long after the event. We also have a stunning Engagement Kit with a money box and countdown chalkboard to prepare for the big day.
If they are serious business people and would like to travel a lot, you could buy them a garment bag as well. Here you can find all the infos you need:
After we were searching for birth and wedding gifts our self, we came up with

Sunrise photose taken on the special day. how wouldn‘t cherish a beautiful sunrise print from their wedding day. They are offered as acrylic blocks or canvas. Have always been a highlight gift gor our friends.

Hope this helps, even though it comes a bit late ????
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