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Theme Ideas for a spring wedding? Rss

My friend is getting married in september next year. It'll be spring which is going to be LOVELY! She wants it relaxed and fun so we were thinking about shells, mini tea light lanterns etc as decorations and the whole theme really. Only problem is we thought it may be more appropriate for a summer wedding.
What are your thoughts?

What do you think would be a great theme for a fun, relaxed spring wedding?

I have to pop off and get dinner organised, watch home and away (LOL) and then get DD off to bed so will be back laterish...
thanks in advance!!!!!!!
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How about lots of nice colours/ flowers or something like that? the tealights sound nice, my friend was just married and she had tealights in terracotta pots which had shrubs in them, for an "aisle" looked really nice

spring is really the season for 'rebirth' (lambs, flowers etc lol)

for favours (if they are doing them) maybe they could give seeds as a favour....of either their wedding flower/s or another spring flower.

and this is the google link of those for more.....


Thank you sooooo much!
The makeshift aisle sounds gorgeous!

I love the idea of giving seeds as favours! I actually mentioned to her that if she could find colourful mini pots, that maybe giving a flower in a pot would be nice...could even put a tag around it with their name and use that to tell them where to sit...

Thanks again for the sites, I'll check them out tomorrow...right now it's 11.20pm and i'm beat! LOL!


Ummm butterflies perhaps? I just had a colour theme with mine. Black & silver with splashes of red.

Edible table decorations are always good - jellybeans of the relevant colour scattered down the centre of the table, or little bowls of colour-coordinated lollies etc.
Ooooh! I love the jellybean/lolly idea!!!!! That's so different and relaxed!
Love it...thanks for replying by the way! lol!

No worries! For mine I had black bowls filled with strawberry licorice and strawberry & cream lollies (to keep with the colour theme!)
That's so cool LA. See I was thinking about having mini pots in the chosen colour and having the same flower as one that's in the boquet planted in it. The lollies are sooooo much more exciting!

I'll let my friend know about that for sure!

Bell has just woken...there goes mummy time again! lol!
The joys...LOL!
Take care and THANKS!

We got married in spring on our tables we had bowls with rose petals and candels was beautiful
You could still do the potted flower as a centrepiece then maybe scatter some colour-coordinated lollies around? A lot of places don't let you use confetti-style scatters anymore on tables so that way you get a splash of colour without getting in trouble!

Another idea - you could choose a range of spring colours and have each table a different colour theme? Depends what she's doing in the way of bridesmaids etc though whether that would work.
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