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Ok.. another one Dress up idea Lock Rss

go as 'Michael Jackson's Monkey'

someone suggested madinna , i have a senquided cone boob corset.

french maid would be hot

umm ill think of some more
Lol.. i have had twins.. which means lots of belly, you really think it's going to fit?? LOL..

I found a lot of Maid costumes, but they all very short..
How about a Maiden??

Mrs Doubtfire.
Martha Stewart.
Minnie Mouse.
Mad Hatter.
A 'Mirkin'
Magician (or Magician's assistant)
My Car
MilkBottle or Carton.
Mercedes Corby
Mal Adjusted.
Meatloaf (singer or dish)
Mr T
Missing Person
Mike Brady or Mrs Brady
Massive weirdo...

mini mouse would be cute, poka dot dress and ears.
Could always just tease up your hair and wear like a tracksuit or something, splash some red paint across it and go as a manical murderer.. say that one ten times fast.. lol

I found a really cute outfit, it's a Milk Maid.. it's swiss style and it has a blue short skirt, black lace up corset, with a white blouse underneath. And white stockings..
No DH has not got anything yet.
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