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Wedding details from everyone please!!!!!!!!1 Rss

How are you all paying for your wedding?
How much are you trying to spend?
I would like to hear from everyone about their experiences.

How long did you save? Etc just curious. As we have no idea where to start,

Thanks heaps.

Alyce xo

Trying to do it on the cheap as we are planning ours in less then 3 months, so saving wasn't an option lol.
Reception is roughly $120 per head - includes 3 course meal, table decorations , dj, room hire and we are having the ceremony there at no extra cost.
Photographer: $1800 prob most expensive thing other than the reception.
Celebrant: $550
Rings: $1500
Dress: $700 bought off the rack $70 to get it altered.
Flowers: $240 only having one bridesmaid so I only need to boquets then the guys button hole things
Car: Using our car for Df (bmw) then his bestman parents have offered there holden callet for my car - So no cost there.
Bonbaneries: got small boxes wholesale for 75cents each and then getting chocolate hearts wholesale , so saving heaps there.
Invites: I made myself.

Cant think if I am forgetting anything - yet to find out cost for hair and makeup mum is paying for it out of an account she had for me when I was little. Oh guys suits we are hiring them for $500 for the two suits.

HTH - Were possible I have tried to do things ourselves and we have only splurged on the reception and photographer but if you find a reception that includes everything it saves alot of money.

Hi, my husband and i spent around $8000 we had ours at Aanuka beach resort in coffs harbour, they have a cute chappel there aswell as a few different rooms to choose from for reception, all our guests stayed there aswell and you get a discount..
Catering was $50 per head, we put money over the bar for drinks
Photography was $2800, our photos are awesome too!!!!
Celebrant $400
Flowers $50 (they were fake and a friend put them together for bouquets)
Rings $1000 If your interested in more info message me if you like.. Happy planning!

Well hello there. I stumbled into a different forum and here you are. Dh and I had a wedding on the cheap if you want ideas. We had friends do ahir, make up and photography. We paid them but obviously not as much as pros, even though they are. Boys outfits from City Beach, bridesmaids dresses from portmans, things like that. Depends how posh etc you want to go. Ours was on the beach so no need to go over the top. We started saving 6 months before(cause I kept shopping for other stuff) but in that time I had to work 6 or 7 days a weeks to make sure we had enough money. If you want help, I would love to.
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