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what do u do at a baby shower? Rss

im having my second and i never had a baby shower with my first. so id like one this time around as this is my last bub.

so what goes on at a baby shower??

what do i do??

Im throwing my bestie a suprise baby shower, We are playing a few games and giving presesnts and just having snack food and a good day with her friends!

hey there.. i went to a baby shower 2 weeks ago.. we also played games the winner won a prize, she opened her gifts there was a few pranks in there too.. her theme was baby handprint & footprint..
Baby Shower Favors and Prizes were

mini pedicure kit or foot scrub (to go along with the "feet" theme!)

Feet shaped bath beads

A manicure set or finger nail polish (for "hands)

batch of cute feet cookies , wrap in cellophane and a bow

she hand actual baby hand and foot prints stamped onto white paper using pink and blue stamp pads or non-toxic paint and used as a tablecloth.. she had cut out feet and hand shapes and hang them from the ceiling using thread. Add sparkles polka dots it looked soo gooood!
the cake was also a foot print.. even the invitations

YOU are supose to do nothing. Do you have some one to give you a shower? You eat lots and play silly games. (Google baby shower games you will be surprised at how many sites come up) And people bring you lots of cute gifts. You can even have a shower theme, I had everyone wear pink as I went pink crazy when i found out i was having a girl. We had pink food and drink and lots of pink decorations.
Good luck

You have to smile a lot and say "oooohhh" and "ahhhh" at all your gifts!!

Just sit back - the work should be being done for you by good friends and family. Have fun!!
Well i organised my own (even cooked most of the food) yeah i know slack friends, slack family lol...Well no one else had had kids (except SIL, that's another story) so didn't know if they knew that they had to do it.

Didn't have any games as everyone was too interested in eating and talking, just had the guessing comp (sex, weight, height etc). Then i opened the pressies. It was a very relaxed one.

I've got my other SIL's one next mth and one of her friends & sister is organising it. I'm guessing that there will be some sort of games played.

DD - 22nd May 06, DS - 2nd Oct 08

YOu can do what ever you like!!

Depends if you want a traditional shower with games ect or just a get together off all your closest friends with snacks and stuff.

I never had a baby shower and i have been to 2, one of each kind. So really it depends on what you want.

I arranged my own Shower, but i had fun doing so!
It was very casual, just friends & family to my house for finger food, games & presents!
(If there are some specific gifts you'd love to receive for Bub, make a "wish list" & post it with your invitations...!)
A few games:
Pin the Dummy on the Baby - printed a picture of a baby crying, then printed a bunch of dummys & cut them out.
Word game - when everyone has arrived, give them 3 pegs each & tell them the 'word' (eg. baby) - they're not to say this word, but if the do, the first person to hear them takes a peg from them, the person with the most pegs at the end of the shower wins!
Have Fun!!!
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