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I have probably posted this in the wrong section but anyway...

I'm expecting my first baby and was wondering how many people had a baby shower, when you had the shower and who organised it.

I'm just not sure what I'm meant to be doing when it comes to a baby shower.

Hi- I had one with ds. My mum organised everything, I just had to do the invites. I was about 35 weeks pregnant when we had it, and although I originally wasn't keen, it was a blast. Played heaps of silly games, ate lots of food- caught up with alot of people I hadn't seen in ages.
Normally friends or family organise it for you

I had one with my 1st, it was a surprise & was organised by a friend

I also had one with my 3rd pregnancy as they were twins & a friend organised that one as well but I knew about it

Double post sorry
[Edited on 02/04/2008]

My sisters and mum threw mine for me 5 weeks before I was due. It was great fun. I helped my sister make the invites and buy all the little presents for the games and make the food, Mum made a cake shaped like a carousel with little horses and everything, it was excellent.

I had mine when I was 38wks. It was a last minute after-Christmas thing and my SIL organised it.
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