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How much did you spend? Rss

Man i feel like a tight a s s wedding band...$98 engagment ring $500
My original wedding ring was a cheapie and lying in the garden of our first home after I threw it at DH, got another one and lost it while PG with DD2, I think DD1 took it and it ended up getting vacuumed....

So this Xmas I made DH buy me something decent and i love it, I finally have some decent bling after 13 years of marriage...I wont be throwing this one no matter how p'd i get at him......LOL
My engagement ring cos a whole $69 but that doesnt matter to me as DH picked it out himself. My wedding ring cost $38 as thats what it cost to resize a ring. I have my mothers wedding ring which was her mums. I love both me rings and my hubby too smile

DH proposed without the ring coz he knew how fussy I am and wanted me to have input. We bought the diamonds and got the ring made which saved us a small fortune. It cost us $6650 for engagement ring and $550 for wedding band. Ring has been valued at $17 500 so figure if things ever get desperate I can hock it lol!
I might point out I would never have spent that much money on rings but I was left $5000 in my Grandmother's will specifically to be used on our wedding but since we got married in the Registry office we put it towards the ring instead.
We didn't have the money to buy rings before we got married so we used the matching rings we got in Bali for $2. We decided we were going to get married and bought the rings but then I got Bali belly and it put a stop to that. I treasure these rings more than the bling ones!
engagment ring, $600 down from $1000. wedding ring $250 down from $800, so 850 all up, i actualy have 2 engagment rings. one is the real one the second i got for my 21st off DH which he wanted me to wear them together cuz they were so much alike and he liked the 21st ring better lol, i wasnt going to complain. now i onlywear my wedding band
Mine was $1299 for the engagement ring but at 1/2 price and my wedding ring was $875 but we offset the price of that with some broken scrap gold we had at home so without the scrap gold it would have been about $1200.

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

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