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How much did you spend? Lock Rss

On your engagement ring, if you are engaged/married that is?

Mine was just over 3000, I don't remember the exact price as I didn't buy it, my ex did. The only way I know is that I have seen it in a jewellers since we have broken up.

I have heard that the going thing is one tenth of your annual income - that's a lotta lotta money for one bloody ring.
I didn't spend a cent. DH did. lol
my hubby spent about $2500 for my engagement ring and wedding band combined.
i have seen the receipt and it was on sale down from $4000.
i hated the fact he spent that much. i love my ring but see it as a huge waste of money.
i would have said yes if he had of got me something cheaper

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I have no idea! DH bought it all on his own. My wedding & eternity rings were each just under $700 but we got them 50% off so $700 for them both together. Bargain!
Our original budget was $2,000 but I fell in love with one for $2,500 - that was probably 7years ago so I think it'd be worth more today, diamond & gold prices went up I think. It was .38ct from memory and I still love it.

Mine was about $600 for the set - down from $1000 - Neither of us had any money at the time - DH had just started working, and i was still studying, but it was exactly what i wanted cause i helped pick it.
Mine was only $1500 but it was heavily discounted cause a friend was managing a jewellery store. I forbade DH to spend anymore than 1K so he was in trouble for that price. I just find jewellery a waste of money. Its the thought behind it to me, not the points!!!!

My sister's DH spent 8K on hers and they had no money at the time ... ridiculous I thought!

my engagement ring was only about $200-$300. we didnt have a lot of money and it was more about the meaning behind it. im no longer engaged so im glad we didnt spend too much
just find jewellery a waste of money. Its the thought behind it to me, not the points!!!!

Agreed mine is now gathering dust in it's box in my cupboard, I don't really wanna give it to the girls cause I think it's bad luck, so I don't know what to do with it. I tried to hock it just to get rid of it and they offered me $50 - no thanks!!!!
We were about to go shopping for a ring (I was pregnant and planninh our wedding but wasn't engaged yet!) and DH surprised me with a ring he had made. It cost him about $4500 but was valued at over $8,000. Would be worth even more now as gold isnt cheap.

If I had to spend my money on a ring don't think I could spend that much but in saying that I love the ring and I have only ever found one ring I would have gotten instead off and DH liked it too. The ring was $17,000 but I would get it made up with a smaller diamond - it was huge! But it was the design we liked.

How time flies!!

I think the amount you spend is fairly irrelevant, it's what it means to you that matters. Mine was designed by DH and I, we chose the diamonds that are in it ourselves. People spend what they can afford to on their jewelery. I don't wear any other than my wedding and engagement rings and a dress ring DH gave to me the night he first told me he loved me. That ring actually has as much significance to me as the other two.
I absolutely fell in love with my engagement ring when I saw it, it took us of about 20 shops, and about 5 shopping complexes to find. I think it costed about $600? It is beautiful. It's been sitting in my boyfriends room in a box for about 2 yrs now waiting for him to pop the question -.-
I couldnt wear a 2k ring... I am so hopeless with jewlerry and losing things. i put them down and then forget where they are.

I am currently trying to find my pair of white gold hoops >.<

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