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Hi ladies thought I would get on and reccomend you a fantastic photographer for the Sydney area(sorry long post). We got marries on 1/3 and got our photos back today. He has done an unreal job and can not recommend him enough!! Some of the things he has done is unnreal. For the boys he took a pic on his mobile of them then got someone to hold the camera while he took a pic of the boys behind the camera showing thier shot. The camera shot is colour while the boys are black and white. Ther is even a shot where he took a pic of a train going past and has then some how put a photo he has taken in it so it looks loke you are on the train(hard to explain)The service you receive is fantastic from when you get your first quote until you recive your pics back. The photos are a good price to. They start from $900 (we got this package and include 200pics in album plus all on disc) to the more dearer packages. He also does modeling and portrait pics. We had some trouble with our dj/mc not being organised but our photographer stepped in and took control of the situation. The website is his name is Martin. He is also making us up some thankyou cards for us after we asked.

i am very much happy to get your information and i hope i will be useful for me. I need wedding photographer and i think i get one. Many Thanks
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