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ebay wedding things Rss

Hi all, i was wondering if any of you have bought your flowers or wedding dresses off of ebay for your wedding and what did you think

are there any sellers you can recommend at all?

thanks for your help guys
i didnt buy dress or flowers off ebay but i bought all our table decoration stuff from ebay plus my veil and tiara and my jewellery and my DDs headband (she was flowergirl)

Nothing to see here folks!!

I bought my wedding dress off eBay for roughly $100-$200. It's absolutely gorgeous, looks brand new! Only worn once. I don't regret it at all. It's a dress I would have surely chosen if I had gone dress hunting in stores, and I got it for a fraction of the price it's worth! Go for it!

I'm not getting my dress off ebay but a website called It's a chinese company that makes dresses to fit you. You send your measurements. They have STACKS of dresses to choose from of all different styles and they are gorgeous. I sent them an email once and they added me on msn so now if I have any questions I can jump on msn if they're online(they always are but are occasionally 'busy')

The dresses are in $US but the conversion isn't too bad. Mine is $209 US dollars which makes it around $300 Aussie dollars. Not bad. Also, under a certain size is free shipping but over that is only $10(US I'd imagine which still isn't much)

I asked how long it would take to arrive and they said generally 10-15days for it to be made and then a week for it to arrive. I'm ordering it on Friday so I can let you know if it turns out alright or if I even get it of you'd like?<span class="emoticon sad">sad</span>]
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I just checked out that website and they have some awesome dresses. I would love to hear how your dress is when you receive it if you dont mind.

Not a problem!
I'll definitely let you know:((]

Hey Kat,

I just had a look at that sheshopping site, your not wrong about there being stacks of dresses lol.

I would be really interested to see how you go also, could you please reply to this thread and let us know smile....which dress did you choose, if you don't mind me knowing ?? I would understand if you don't want to let the cat out of the bag lol.

Mandy xox

I'll absolutely let you all know!
I just wish someone was out there who had already done it and could stop me from worrying<span class="emoticon sad">sad</span>]

My dress is this one

Lord I hope it comes exactly the same.
The description is wrong. I asked them and because there are so many dresses they have a standard description but this dress is lace up and boned around the boobs(apparently)so fingers crossed that's true!

Hi there,

I got my bridesmaid dresses, my dress AND the flower girl dresses booked on ebay at the moment.
The seller is called Zero Love and they have some amazing dresses and same as sheshopping, they are in china and they make the gowns to the measurements you send through! Cheap as chips also! For my dress i am paying (including shipping) $280!!!!!!!!! Bargain! And i have seen this dress in a bridal shop and it goes for $2300!!! I have seen Zero Love dresses in the flesh, and they are beautiful! The guy you deal with name is Ivan and he is great, so helpful and if you send an email to them, you always get one back within 30 mins! I couldnt recommend them high enough!!!
Here is a link to the site

Hi everyone.

Well I got my dress from yesterday.
It wasn't what I expected and I had a cry yesterday afternoon.

Anyway, these are some pics...

back, close up

front, close up

The brooch at the bust is off centre, need to fix that.
On the close up shot of the back you can see the ribbon is slightly uneven on either side of the lace up.

Those things I should be able to fix.

So, that's the dress from

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Your dress still looks lovely.

With the price of the dress and fixing it up it is still a cheap alternative to buying one from a store, although I am a bit scared to do it myself.

That's right.
I know an awesome dress maker who can fix it and she won't charge me but i'll pay her anyway...still cheaper than $1000+

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