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New 2 huggies forum & very shy

Hi there everyone im new to the huggies thing im 25yrs old i have 2boys 1 is 3yrs an the other wi...

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Hi Kaesin I read your post via huggies. First...welcome I live at Redbank Plains and I wanted to let you know I started a walkin...


Tips for new member

I am a new member to HUGGIES. Any tips about good stuff on here, or things not worth doing on here?

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New but not :)

Hello, I'm Kelly and I have two beautiful babies, one who's nearly 2 and one who's just 2 weeks...

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invercargill coffee groups

my husband and 23 month old wee boy have recently moved back to invercargill after 12 years in pe...

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New Here Today

Hi, Im Joanne from Perth. I am a 33 year old mum to 3 great kids (2 boys and a girl). Jake will b...

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Hi and welcome! I too am a mum of three, I've got 1 boy and 2 girls aged 6, 3 1/2 and 15mths (so very similar ages to yours)! Hope y...


new to this lol

hey guys im all new to this and have no friends on it as yet still trying to work a few lil thing...

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Hi there - welcome! Where are you from? You could get yourself some tickers so we know a bit more you


Just an introduction

Hi Guys! My name is Rachae, and I have just joined the huggies community. I am 23 next month an...

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Welcome to Huggies Rachae! Also a bug congratulations on your pregnancy The montessori method sounds interesting, might have to loo...


Invercargill Play Dates

Hey everyone!! I am 26, stay at home mum with an older daughter an a 10 month old son. Daddy work...

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Hello! I just moved to Invercargill a week ago and I'm trying to find groups to go to with my 2 year old son. Everyone seems so fri...


2011 New Product - Complete protection against hair loss

2011 New Product - Complete protection against hair loss Copy paste the link....

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Hi, I have a similiar issue well my issue is i have no friends in the town i live in. All my fri...

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I think i saw you live in new Plymouth? If so im pretty sure there is a porse office there, the one up here offers playgroups and ot...


Hi I'm new

Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a proud mummy of twin girls born 24/11/10 and ...

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Welcome to huggies


Hello I'm new here:)

Hi ladies, I am nearly 24 weeks pregnant and am 25 years old. This is my first baby with my hubb...

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Hi yourself! Congratulations and welcome to huggies.


Hi ! Thought i'd introduce myself before i go ahead and start posting! we have just moved back...

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Welcome to huggies


New :)

Hi all. Im new. 19 weeks pregnant with my second son and my big boy has just started kinder. We...

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Hope you enjoy coming your time here I'll tell you what, you may end up spending alot of your days here..It's that good


Hi from Nz

Hi there I am new, also new to the world of trying to get pregnant, we have just decided that it ...

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Hi and welcome!! Someone just today asked what the abbreviations where so you're in luck! Check out this thread: Abbreviation thread...


Im New!! :)

Hi all, I am new on here, so just want to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. Im a New ...

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Thank you all. Yes Italy i a great place to TRAVEL to the main cities. Milan, Venice etc, but NOT to live very very dirty. But the e...



im a new mum and my son is almost 9 weeks old and i was wondering if him sleeping lots during the...

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If you can (and don't already) try to get him into a routine of sleep, feed, play, sleep, feed, play etc. At night have a specific n...


New mum =]

Hi everyone, im jessica and i just turned 21 im a new mum my beautiful boy is 8weeks old his na...

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Hi, welcome. In Melbourne myself. BF for as long as you want. It's cheap and easy (if your finding it so). Not long til you meet you...


Hi there!

Hello all! I'm new here, and just wanted to pop in and say hi! I have a beautiful 27 month old b...

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welcome! xx


Continuous knowledge contribution

Hi everybody, First of all my name is Kamarul Hashim, I am a Doctoral Candidate at AUT Universit...

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Hello from Canberra!

Hi from Canberra, it's late and I am winding down after finishing my last unit from my cert IV, ...

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Hi there, new here

Hi there, I'm new to the forum & watned to say hi

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Hi welcome to huggies


im a newbie

hey all my name is amy and i am 29yrs and i have 3 kids and currently pregnant with my 4th chil...

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hi there and welcome i used to live in bris too , so wont be able to meet up but looking forward to getting to know you on here i...


Hi there!

Hi everyone i'm a new member, just wanted to say hi and i look forward to chatting with other mums.

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Hi, and welcome!


HI hi Hi

Hello everyone! I've just started using this site after moving over from another forum I love t...

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Hi and welcome This is the only forum I use! I'm 26 with 2 girls aged 5 and 20 months. I live in WA with my fiance' and also a stay...


hello - newbie here

Hi everyone, my name is Mel and I'm 30 yrs old. I have a six month old little boy Ollie. I am loo...

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Hey there It's my first time on this site so i'm still finding my way around. By way of intro, ...

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Thanks for the warm welcome!!!


Just say hi

Hi all, Just thought I would drop in and say Hi! I am new to the Forum, but i have been lurking ...

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Thanks Everyone! Off to check it out now!


looking for mother group

Hello everyone, I live in new farm, have a lovely baby boy who is just 9 months old. I really wa...

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New to forum and mummyhood!

Hi there! My name is Harriet. I live in Dunedin, New Zealand and on the 1/1/11 at 11.08am my lit...

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welcome and congrats on your daughter, hope you get as much out of here as we all do, it is a great place!!! I had my DD 3 months ag...


problems getting my signature

Can anyone tell me how to use the signature that i have created on I cant seem to tr...

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Hi, Just want to check if my signature is right.


anyone with twins

Hello I have twins a biy and a girl they are 3 months old now does anyone out there also have tw...

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Hi - I also have boy/girl twins who are now 10months old. My twins were 10 weeks early and spent 7 weeks in special care. Now they h...


intro :)

Hi everyone, im a first time mum and am due in 4 weeks!! which is pretty crazy. I have a supsepta...

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welcome congrats on your little pink bundle growing i love the name Violet, my daughter to be will have Violet as her middle name


Newbie from Nelson!

Hi all! Im new to these forums, just wondering if theres any other nelson mums about?

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Hi and welcome


New to Motherhood and Huggies site!

Hi all my name is Jontel and I am married living on the Gold Coast and have a 5 month precious ...

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Warning this site is addictive though warning juliemac is addictive


Newbie Here

Hello there, I'm a newbie here. hope to join the community and share my thoughts about my 1year,...

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Thank you for the infos. I am so excited for my boy to grow big. Recently: Its raining outside and I left for work. saying goodbye t...



Hey Everyone, I'm new here. My fiance and I are very much looking forward to starting to TTC...

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Hi and welcome. Im kylie and i have two children, corey who is almost 5 and mia who is almost 3


New to Motherhood & new to Huggies Forum ;-)

Hello everyone - I'm new to the forums...have had the odd browse over the past few months but ...

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Hello! Welcome to huggies, its a fantastic site filled with lots of lovely nice people (sometimes things can get a little heated bu...

~L&A's mumma~

im a newbie

hi just a post to introduce myself... well im Aamy, im a mum of 2 beautiful little girls Leah and...

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Welcome Aamy.