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Hi everyone

I'm new to the Huggies website. I'm 42 and have a 36 year old partner, a dd nearly 18, ds 16 and ...

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Hi, My name is Jenni and I am married and we have one 9month old DS Karl. I agree they grow up way to fast, I cant believe Karl is ...


new Here.....

Hi Everyone, I have one 11 yr old boy and a 17 weeks old girl, hubby's first child. Found parent...

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Hi, I'm new the the forum and have just seen you in the new members section. I also have a large age gap between children, I have a ...


Pooing in the bath

Hi all, I'm looking for some 13 month old constantly does a poo in the bath and to b...

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Huggies Newbie here

Hi...Lisa here Im 23, have a 3 3/4 yr old son (arrived 3 days before my 20th birthday, not exact...

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Hi Lisa, Welcome to Huggies!!! Check out the pregnancy and birth section for TTC tips. And yay finally another NRL nut!! Im from ...


30 + Mums .... MSN Chat

Thought it would be nice to chat to new mums on MSN. I'm Bron, 33, and living in Adelaide with m...

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Hi Bron,hope you are well and the family are all good,i live with my partner and our 3 children,DS 8,DD 21months and a 4 month old D...


new mummy from condamine

hey all, im emma and im 20 and ive just moved out to condamine from bris bigg move!! i have dau...

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Hi Emma, Wow that is a big move, and yes the country life is great. We dont have horses but our neighbour just got one for their ki...


and another newby

Hi I am another newby. Hubby and I have 10 year old and 6 year old girls and a little man 2 1/2 y...

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Hi Everyone, Im a 26yr old stay at home mum with a 9 month old baby boy named Karl and DH is a fitter and turner at our local sugar...

Hello Im new

Hi my name is Jenni, Im 26 and i have a wonderful hubby named Chris, he is 27 and we have an 8 mo...

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Hi Skylas mum, Luv the pic of your DD, she's very cute. Just a word of advice if you post in the general section and someone repli...


Hello :)

I'm Lee, I have 6 great kids with my DH, and another due in February. I'm in WA, and hope to ge...

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Hi Everyone, Im a 26yr old stay at home mum with a 9 month old baby boy named Karl and DH is a fitter and turner at our local sugar...


Another newbie

Hi my name is Alicia I'm 23 and live on the north side of brisbane. I have a & month old baby gir...

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Hi Everyone, Im a 26yr old stay at home mum with a 9 month old baby boy named Karl and DH is a fitter and turner at our local sugar...

Tamika's Mummy

Hi evryone

Hey everyone.. I'm a newby and thought i'd say hello. I'm a proud mum of a 4mth old girl - my dau...

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Hey Deb, I think Tamika is starting to teeth. She is always chomping on her hands and the drool goes everywhere. The poor little bug...

jayden & zara*s mum

new to the forum

hi i'm Trish. I've been a member of huggies for a while but really new to the forum. Had a look ...

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Kylah to the huggies forum..

I've been a member of the huggies website for a while now, but never got into the forums on this ...

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Hi kylah, welcome! my name is Kyla and im new mum to lily 10weeks old. How bout that?! Where abouts are you in oz? I live in smithf...



Is anyone here in the Bundaberg QlD area?

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New Member & first time mum at 34

Hi all I stumbled onto this site's reassuring to know there are others asking all the...

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hi pjpebbles.....hope your little one is feeling better. welcome and hope to chat to you again soon.



hi everyone im new

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'nother new/ old(ish) mum!

hi, im kinda new here, been doing lots of reading and started posting some replies recently,just ...

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hey pook! thanks for the welcome.... WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG???? lol


New Member

Hi there everyone I am 24 and mum to Noah who will be one on the 12th of August. There is so muc...

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guess not!!


New here

Hi my name is Bianca and i am new to this site, i have been on a couple of other sites like this ...

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Hi Bianca. i am also new to this site. i am a mother of one, 16month old adorable boy and live in sydney also. great to see more of ...


Hi, Im new

Hi Everyone, I just joined so I thought I would come and say hello and introduce myself. I have ...

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Hello Poshkeri, welcome!!!! you will have a ball here, very addictive. Hope to see you on soon.


hi ther noob in town lol

hi im natty i hav a gr8 fieance and 3 fearals lol a 10yr old boy liam ,a 3yr old girl starla, an...

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Hellloooooo Pixieinoz, Welcome!!! Love your screen name. I have three kids too. 13yr boy, 2yr boy and 7mth girl. Hope to catch up...


hi i'm new

Welcome to the huggies forum Keisha. I have a son ryan as well. He has just turned 1. Hope you ha...

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Hello keisha19, Welcome!!! I am a stay at home mum of three. My baby is almost 7mths. Hope to see you around


new to bub clubs

hi all my name is steph i am a 24yr old mother of 3 great kids i have a daughter izabella 3yrs ol...

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Sort of new

Hi everyone, I've been a member for ages but haven't posted in soooo long, so I thought I'd do a ...

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hi im new

hi everyone i'm new here i just doing this to introduce myself to all. i'm keisha i'm 19 from gou...

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Newbie from Perth

Hi all. This is my first day on this site. So far its great. I am a stay at home mother to Briann...

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Brand new Poster

Hi i'm Grace and i've only been a member for a few days trying to find my way around the site. I...

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Hi I'm new to this forum. My name is Tamryn and I have one daughter Jennifer who is almost 11mont...

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Hi! I am new here. I'm 26, have 2 kids and live in Melbourne. Looking forward to checking this ...

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Im new

Ive never used "forums" before, but here I am!! Im fairly lost, but I finally worked out how to i...

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What is DD & DS when talking about our little ones

I have been a member of Huggies since my daughter was born in April 06, she's 16mths old. I have...

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Once a cheat always a cheat?

My sister has just found out her husband has been cheating. their relationship was not the great...

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if my partner ever cheated on me i would be gone but i say that know its probably alot harder actually doing it if it ever did.. I h...


New to this forum

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I have just posted a question under Pregnancy & Relationship...

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Hi April, Haven't found your entry yet but I replied to a similar question posted at; Pregnancy & Birth => Keeping fit & Healthy ...


Another New One

Hi all I've actually been on the forum for a few weeks now and posted a little but have just onl...

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hi there, i'm new

hi, i'm new, my name is carey, i'm mum to 10 yo girl and 10 month old twin boys. just wondering ...

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Hey Girl, Its me again. Try posting your teeth question in the BABY section under Baby Health. You might get a few responces. There...


new member having troubles

hey everyone, do any of the other young mums get lonely on weekends or feel guilty when trying to...

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This is great place to abolish all the abovementioned troubles. You get to stay home but interact with people going through the sam...


new to this

I have been lossing my hair since Jackson was born. It did for a little while and then stopped no...

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Thankyou pookstar, I have been using it. But know I am having blood tests just to may sure nothing is wrong!! I think it might be d...



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Hi a new member here

hello my name is ellen iam 23 i have 2 girls amber lilly 4 and mikayla grace 1 we moved to corlet...

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hi ellen! how do you like living at corlette? used to live there!! not much to do but the beach huh!! i have a little boy 6 months a...


sort of a new member, hello

Hello, I'm mum to a michevious 3 YO and have been a member for a while but haven't posted much.

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