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how do you get colour? Rss

been trying for ages to get colour text but don't know how. any ideas?
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Dante, My precious lil boy - Born 11 Dec 2006

id love to know aswell

Tamara ALEXANDER 30/11/06

Hi there,

I read it somewhere in popcorn girls post.
Its a long post but they had colour and they had symbols of how they were doing it, have a look see how you go.


<a href=

See down the bottom when you are writing a post
color=Option value /color (I had to edit to take out the ]!)

value is what you are writing and then instead of colour, you put in red for eg.

You can press preview so you dont have to keep editing

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hey i got it!!

Tamara ALEXANDER 30/11/06

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you type this every one
in square brackets color=red
then wat u want to write ie hi
then in square bracket /color

like this

see!!!! yay

Tamara ALEXANDER 30/11/06

lol jjem. we r clever

Tamara ALEXANDER 30/11/06

ok now i got the hang of it!!

Tamara ALEXANDER 30/11/06

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