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Hi Everyone,
Thought Id pop in and introduce myself. I am 18 weeks pregnant with our first child. We have been trying for just over a year and a half after coming off the pill for 12 years. I miscarried firstly after only 4 weeks pregnant, my body returned to normal for a month and then I fell again, We are very excited to meet our little bundle in November. On June 20 we find out what we are having smile Im finding it hard to sit still while I wait!
Hope to hear from other mums smile
Welcome to Huggies and Congratulations on your pregnancy. How exciting to be finding out what your having very soon smile I'm Very Sorry to hear of your loss sad

I'm a SAHM of 4 children and I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my last baby. My eldest dd is 9, I have twin dd's who will be 8 in August and ds is just about 2 1/2.

I hope you enjoy being apart of the forum. The ladies are lovely and Very helpful. I look forward to getting to know you smile xx

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

Hi There,
Thank you all smile
Welcome to Huggies, and congrats on your pregnancy grin
Hi Laa_Laa. Welcome to huggies. congrats on your pregnancy. wishing you all the best.

Thank you! smile
Hi, Im also new to this and due around the same time...mine is 3rd November and just found out this week that we are expecting a girl smile Sorry to hear your loss, i also had a miscarriage last year around 6 weeks, its a very difficult time to go through.
Welcome to Huggies & congratulations on your pregnancy. Sorry to hear you suffered a mc. Things are looking up now for you. This is a bunch of lovely ladies here on huggies. Take care. xx

Hi All,

Just to let you all know, we had our ultrasound, and we found out we are expecting a baby boy! We are both so excited. Thank you all for the warm welcome and condolences, we are going back for another ultrasound on the 17th July as we wernt happy with the pictures we got from the ultrasound on the 20th. smile I was previously Laa_laa14 but changed my name to *mumto1stdueNov8th* smile
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