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Newbie Rss

HI all. I'm new to this site but not to forums.
I'm here info gathering really and hoping to make some connections.

I'm an older Mum with 6 grown up kids who live around the world and two little ones aged 10 & 8 through HFL.

We'd love to have one more (pregnancy isn't an option as I has an accidental hysterectomy shortly after the birth of my 2nd child) so we've been in the adoption and hfl pools for many years and had a couple of false starts with surrogates and been badly hurt.. sooooo if anyone is considering being a surrogate or knows someone thinking of adopting their baby we'd love to hear from you, We are in the Christchurch area but anywhere in NZ is good

In the mean time I'll hang around this forum and get to know you smile
Hi Katriana welcome to huggies. grin

Welcome. I hope you find what you are after.

Welcome! Good luck with your search

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