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Hi there, The Huggies Forum is a public forum, so please be mindful when posting your personal...

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hi there I am A mum of 6 kids the youngest has just turned 1 today I have 5 girls one boy im on here to make some new friends and to...


Mothers Group - Padstow/Panania/Revesby/Menai/Miperra Lock

Just wanted to ask if anybody would like to join a mother's Group to meet up on a weekly bas...

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Hi there Is anyone still following this thread? I am father to an 8 month old boy and my wife and I are looking for a new mum'...



There are so many forums where Mum's and Dad's are really interested in the Montessori method for...

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I would say that this story really touched me and abit of cry and never write same story for myself but i try too hard to learn some...


Introduction Lock

Hey all, My name is Alice Jacob and I'm new to this forum.

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Hi ladies Lock

Hello everyone, My name is Chloe and I'm a mum of a 9 months old David. I'm new here, ...

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Wawoo, Congratulations.I am so glad to know that you have a newbie.I am also the mother of 2 kids.It's a great blessing in ever...


Hi Lock

Hello!! I'm new to this forum. I'm in my second trimester and we are expecting our litt...

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Hi there welcome! Im new here too FTM, what a great thing for us to all connect xx


Cool & Quirky Clothing For Babys Lock

Hi mums I'm new on this website. I wonder if any of you could help me. My friend is having a...

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New to South Btisbane area Lock

We have just moved from overseas to the south Brisbane area. We know no one. I am looking for pl...

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It's been a lonnnng time. Lock

I've been out of action for a few years due to growing kids, work and study but I am back an...

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Mothers group Lock

Hi. I have a 7 month old daughter but work part time. I am wanting to meet mums for a coffee catc...

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Mothers Group / Play Group - Canterbury NSW Lock

Hi, Are there any mothers groups in Canterbury for babies? My DD is 4 months old and I have been...

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new member Lock

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself, I am Sarah I am a mother my last child has just...

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New parent to Australia Lock

Hello. I am 25 years old, I moved to Australia 8 weeks ago with my husband and two sons... Georg...

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Welcome to Aus! Best country in the world LOL I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do. It's a beautiful place to live. I wou...


Barcode promotions 2015 Lock

Hi, Just wondering if anyone from the Huggies company can tell me if there will be any future ba...

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On this topic can anyone share the newborn jumbo barcode


mum looking for friendship Lock

Hi im 34 i have 4 children 16yrs 13yrs 11yrs and 10month old baby boy. Living in Papakura. Lookin...

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Ri Rose

hi coming to Mackay Lock

Hi I'm mum of two moving to Mackay this week, don't know many people and no nothing of ...

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Hi I have just moved to Mackay, and am expecting my first baby in November. Would love to know where the mothers groups are? Cheers


Hot milk maternity bikini briefs Lock

Hi I have just signed up and not able to claim Hot Bikini Brief. Please advise Thanks Deepika

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-- Lock

what do iI do to get them

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Mrs Conch

Hi :-) Lock

Hello everyone, I have been a long-time lurker and thought it was about time I signed up. I'...

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Thank you all for the lovely welcomes Little Egg, would have loved some snow in our neighbourhood, maybe next time. Been wanting...


Hot milk maternity bikini briefs Lock

Hi I've just signed up and not sure how to claim the hotmilk bikini. Thanks Mary

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Ooorushooo wrote: Hi I've just signed up and not sure how to claim the hotmilk bikini. Thanks Mary Hi There If you are havin...

mummy rocks

hey ladies i'm now expecting twins n dont know how set rooms Lock

i'm expecting twins n i have 2 girls age 13 months n 2 year old n my oldest has her own room...

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Lol What happened to her other post she started before?!


Hot milk bikini briefs Lock

Hey i have just signed up so i could get the hotmilk bikini briefs and now it says the offer is o...

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Hello! Lock

Hi just introducing myself. I'm Mum to my beautiful little boy who is 3. Was part of another...

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Hi! How exciting youre ttc! Hope it all goes smoothly, keep us updated Nice to meet you too, see you around the forum!


Hello! Lock

Hello everyone! My name is Malcolm, I'm not a mom, but I am a newbie dad of a seven weeks ...

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Welcome, Congratulations on becoming a Dad!!


need help with lilypie.. how do u add it to ur posts?? Lock

hi, here's a silly question ladies! how did all of you add that lilypie sticker to your post?? i'...

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testing Oh can't get it to work


Hello Lock

Hi I'm not sure if I can post on this forum as I'm hoping to become a foster mum which ...

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I hope it all goes well for you


Hi there! Lock

Hi everyone, I'm new to Huggies! I'm a mummy with a lovely 18month old girl. Im about t...

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Just saying hello =) Lock

Hi, I'm a 25yr old new mum to a 2 month old DD. I am only new to this site so just wanted to...

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Thank you everyone! Hope you're all having a good night =)


Join me in starting a facebook mums supporting mums group Lock

Hi this is my first pregnancy, im about 21 weeks expecting in april 2014 and I was hoping to star...

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saying hello Lock

Hi Im new to huggies and just wanted to say "hi" Im 26 years old. I have two beauti...

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Hello and welcome. Agree with the others..... huggies is very addictive. Lol.


Hi! Lock

I should've introduced myself on here first before I started posting! Haha >.< My...

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Thanks guys! I'm already finding myself coming on here more and more often haha.


Hello :) Lock

Hi! I'm Kelly! I am 26 and have 2 beautiful girls - DD1 has just turned 4 years old and DD2...

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Welcome to Huggies


looking for mums with 4 month old babies Lock

Hi all I am new to site. But loving to be a member. Looking for mums to 4 month old baby to sha...

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Hi Lock

Hi, Just want to introduce myself I have been a member on here since my first baby (who is now 6...

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Hello Lock

Hi everyone, I am a first time mum to a 8 week old baby girl.

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Newbie Lock

Hello everyone, I've been using the Huggies site since I discovered I was pregnant 2 months...

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Another Newbie! Lock

Hello Huggies! I'm new to Huggies, but have been enjoying reading the forum the past few days, ...

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Hello Everyone! My name is Lahen and I am new to this panel. I like to discuss with different peoples and found this forum very rar...


Hello :) Lock

Hi Everyone, Thought Id pop in and introduce myself. I am 18 weeks pregnant with our first child....

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Hi All, Just to let you all know, we had our ultrasound, and we found out we are expecting a baby boy! We are both so excited. Than...


Hello! Lock

Hi all. I'm a new to posting but not new to stalking the threads! I wanted to introduce myse...

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Thanks everyone


Newbie Lock

HI all. I'm new to this site but not to forums. I'm here info gathering really and hop...

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Welcome! Good luck with your search