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Hi All, we are thinking of going to Fiji with our 5 month old baby. She is mix fed so I’ll need to sterilise bottles. Has anyone had experience in Fiji with infants?
We stayed at Radisson Blu a few years ago with my kids who at the time were 2 and 4. They absolutely loved it. It's got a huge pool with different sections- there's a shallow babies area. Then that turns into a toddler area that slowly gets deeper. There's also a 'beach' like area. Plus a water slide. Plus there's an adults only pool. Read reviews on this hotel on

The kids loved the kids club. You will need nanny for your 1 year old. But they are abolutely great. The kids club played games and then took they for a swim, and the nanny took out youngest back to the hotel for a sleep.

Highly recommend Radisson Blu. About 5 different places to eat, plus you can pop next door to the next resort and eat there.
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