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Any tips for travel with 2 year old - We're off to Australia for a holiday! Lock Rss

Hi guys

I’m just looking for some tips for travelling with a toddler – both on the trip and while we are there, and packing!

We are going to Australia next month for a wedding, and will be bringing our 2 year old girl with us. She is notorious for being “busy”

Our flight there is early in the morning – we have to be checked in by 5am! Our flight back gets home at midnight =/

We are planning on bringing our tablet for her to watch something on, but does anyone have any tips with travelling on a plane with a 2 year old, especially that early/late? Plus at the airport.. Plus any tips for when we are there or the sort of things to pack, i.e. should we pack any toys for while we are there?

Quite anxious about taking our crazy 2 year old!

When I was travelled with my 2 y.o. daughter to Rome I made a list of a necessary thing to do
I was travelling with my son last summer to Italy. My only advice is playdough – Do Not Forget It . We were able to burn a few hours thanks to this genius invention. Squishing and squashing is not only great sensory fun, but a parent’s best friend on a plane. Do not fly without playdough. Well and of course pack lots of baby wipes.
My son loved Italy, esp this place . When he will be 5 y.o. we will go to France, Disneyland.
Thanks guys - this post was from about 18 months ago. We've been and gone and our girl is now 3.5yrs smile

Take lots of new, little toys - once you don't care about losing - wrap them up individually, so it adds about 30 secs to the fun - and when they get bored, open a new one. We found sticker books really worked on flights. Get them used to headphones ahead of time so they can watch some cartoons or a film. Lots of little snack packs - individually wrapped things, little boxes of stuff. And just hope. You can find more tips on travel forums . Good luck!
Yes Get a good travel Stroller!! Try they had the best travel stroller.
My nephew and I'm planning to go to Dubai for a month and hope we enjoy there a lot.
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