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Toyota Estima or Toyota Previa Hire car in NZ Rss

Hi all! just wondering if any NZ mums or any Aussie mums who have travelled to NZ can help me out at all.

We are heading to NZ in June and need to hire a estima (early model previa) or the more recent Previa to fit all 6 passengers and luggage in. We have two children in car seats that need to be tethered to an anchor point.

What i am trying to find out (a whole day spent googling and emailing the hire company but the girl couldnt find out from her desk) where on earth the anchor points are in the car! I have a suspicion they are in the 3rd row but im guessing that will interfere with luggage space as the straps will be obstructing the boot space.

Can anyone help me?? Thanks in Advance xxxx smile
I would recommend emailing toyota nz as they have a huge Q&A dept that may be able to help you.. but the only true way to find out where they are located is for that girl to get off her ass and hava look!Jeez .. They may vary slightly from model to model/imported etc.. and it would be best to know for sure. wink
I agree with the PP contact toyota NZ. I'm not sure if it has become a requirement for the latest cars to have anchor points but in NZ carseats don't have to be anchor pointed. I had to get one put in my car.
Hi, im in oz but im assuming that the estima's are all the same. My friend drives one and it has 4 anchor points, on each of the outer seats and the anchor point is on the back of the seats therefore they wont be in the way at all. (as in two in the middle row and two in the back row)
Thanks for your replies girls smile I rang the company today and spoke to the actual booking number (as it was a sunday yesterday i only could speak to the girl at the airport i think) and they were very helpful. I was told that there is one on the right and left hand seats on both rows like *missy*me* said. As we are travelling with my elderly MIL and 21 year old niece, i am thinking of putting DS in the back row on one of the sides and DD can go on a side in the middle row. MIL and Niece can then sit across the middle row in the other two seats as its easier than climbinig into the back. That way we can also fold part of the back seat down and use it for extra luggage space.

Thanks for your time and advice!

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