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travel insurance for holiday whilst pregnant? Rss

Hey smile

I'm a few weeks pregnant and we are looking to go to Fiji in a couple of months time. Someone said to make sure I get insurance that covers us having to pull out of the trip in case of a medical reason. IE, when we get closer to the date, it turns out I won't be able to travel due to pregnancy complications and therefore we can get a refund on a our trip through the insurance.

Anyone able to shed any light on this?

Thanks smile

Being already pregnant is considered a 'pre-existing medical condition'.. So you'd have to make sure you are specifically covered for that...

Hey smile

I'm a few weeks pregnant and we are looking to go to Fiji in a couple of months time. Someone said to make sure I get insurance that covers us having to pull out of the trip in case of a medical reason. IE, when we get closer to the date, it turns out I won't be able to travel due to pregnancy complications and therefore we can get a refund on a our trip through the insurance.

Anyone able to shed any light on this?

Thanks smile

Hi and Yes.

I have ust organised travel insurance myself for a trip to Fiji in a few months time also.

I will be 23 weeks pregnant at the time we leave and 25 weeks at the time we get home. Our insurance in through Covermore.

Basically, Covermore won't cover you for anything pegnancy related after 26 weeks and won't cover you for delivery and or any treatment for the baby if you happen to go into premature labour.

Pregnancy is considered a pre-existing medical condition, as the pp mentioned. If you have a history of any complications or are considered a high risk pregnancy, this may affect the cover you get, or change the price somewhat. It depends how long you are away for and where you are going as to what the costs are. We will be away for 2 weeks in Fiji and NZ (I'm from Melb), so for the 2 weeks it is costing an extra $83 for the cover, because I has a second trimester miscarriage a few months back.

Have you arranged your holiday yourself, or through a travel agent? if through a travel agent, they should be able to help you with it.

I hope this helps, feel free to ask if you need any more info.

thanks Laura, that helps heaps smile I think I will be 20 weeks but I have an appointment with my ob this week so she should be able to confirm the dates and also give us the go ahead to book. It will be through a travel agent smile

Just out of curiosity, where are you staying in Fiji? We think we will be heading to Outrigger. We stayed at the Warwick last year and it was nice but we have heard GREAT things about the Outrigger from friends so thought we'd try there smile

Hi Ange,

Your travel agent will definietly help you with it all then.

We have booked at the Outrigger on the Lagoon. We were there last year and had a fantastic time. We decided to go back again, as we didn't want to be always wishing we were back there if the next place wasn't as good.

We have a little girl already and she was 12 months old at the time we went last year. It was so great for children of any age, as well as parents/adults.

Have fun. BULA!
Hi there,

I am a travel agent, and I just want to say that the Outrigger is on the side of a hill and depending on where your room is you may have to walk quite a distance to the pools and restaurants etc. Not very good if you are preggers and getting tired anyway.

I would suggest that you look at the Shangri-La. I have stayed at quite a few of the resorts and the Shangri-La is my favourite smile

Have a great trip, wherever you stay!
Hi smile

Thanks for your feedback ladies.

Laura - Shangri-la's on the Coral Coast to isn't it? Is it very child friendly? The kids club needs to be 3 years plus.

Loz - What type of room did you stay in last time? Will you be staying in teh same sort this time? Did you book through an on-line site or an in-stire travel agent? Did they get you a good deal? Did you get the meal plan last time? Will you get it again? Any other to tips/hints for the Outrigger?

Thanks smile

Hi Again Ange,

Last time we were upgraded to a ocean view room (original booked a resort view) and have booked the Ocean View again. I'm not entirely sure if it means we'll be in the same location on the resort, but we have booked it again. It is basically the same as the resort view room, but you get a buttler and drinks/canapes each night included with that room type. Last time, we were right down on the beach, so didn't have to walk up and down the hill that Laura was mentioning as much. Although it's not that bad a hill anyway and not something that I even considered when we were re-booking.

We didn't do this last time, but recently found out abaout and booked through there this time. They have really good deals that include $1000 FJD spending money for an 8 night stay with buffet breakfast included already. I'd highhly recommend you check this out. As I'm pregnant and DH has a heart condition, alcohol is not something we'll be spending much money on, so $1000 should do us comfortably for the majority of our spending money (based on our spending there last year). Kids eat free if you use existing bedding, so the only things you're likely to spend money on are food, drink and the day spa, unless you go on tours/excursions etc or go outside the resort.

I'd recommend you get a deal like the one at myfiji, as then you're not stuck eating at the same place all the time. There are 4 places to eat from memory, so you get to eat from wherever you like that way. I'd imagine the included meals packages restrict you to eating at the buffet (Not sure on this though) but being pregnant, you don't want to be eating buffet stuff all the time. The buffet breakfast has a egg stand so you can get fresh eggs and omlettes cooked each day from there and not be too concerned about the risks eating from the hot buffet.

Last time, we had breakfast only included. We went over for a wedding last year, so there were nights we already had dinner taken care of because of the wedding, so our agent recommended not bothering with meal plans other thsn breakfast. This was a great move, as it gave us the flexibilty to eat where we wanted and as we pleased.

Just check though, I'm not sure the kids clud is suitable for children under 5 yrs (you might want to check this). BUT, they do have a nanny service for children of all ages. The Fijian's love children and were great with our little girl. We had her looked after 3 or 4 times over the week, so we could go out for dinner, or the night of the wedding, or to the day spa etc in peace. We don't think we'll use the nanny service much this time, maybe just for one night to go to the adults only restaurant. It was amazing food, highly recommend you try it. The nanny's work till around 10 pm from memory, but there's not much life at the resort much past this anyway. Don't remember exact costs of the nanny's, but they weren't expensive. Something like $10FJD/hr.
Oh my, its all a little weird, but that is the deal we are booking through My Fiji!!!!!! The reason I was asking you about the room is because I was hoping you knew something about the ocean view ones and were happy with them. You are right, its such an amazing deal!

We used a nanny last year at the Warwick and it was excellent!!!! We will definitely be enlisting the service of one again. He loved Lareani and she actually came over and stayed with us last year too!!! And you are right, its very cheap! At the warwick it was $10/FJD for teh first hour and the. $3 every after hour that so assume the Outrigger would be similar.

Did you find the ocean view room big enough?

I have my appointment with my OB on Friday and as soon as she gives me the all clear to book, we will book for the end of April smile

Thanks for your help!

Ocean view was big enough for us yes. If you're anything like us, you will only be in there to sleep and that's about it, so it won't really matter what the room's like. The rooms have a balcony, so you and hubby can sit out there and have a drink, while your little one goes to sleep. At least that's what we did.

It will obviously be a lot different for us this time, as our little girl is a lot more in tune with what's going on now, than she was at 12 months, but we still think it'll be OK. The sofa bed is only about 1m - 2m away from the main bed, so you will be sleeping very close together.
yes we are usually only there to sleep but there lies the problem!! Lol. Usually when we go away we always get a one bedroom something or rather as I'm quite a light sleeper and my son is quite a noisy sleeper so its best if we sleep in seperate rooms!! lol. Funny I know but he is sooooo noisy!!!! I guess I can put up with it for week though smile

Yes our son I think will enjoy himself more. He was 18 months when we went last time and now he'll be 3. So much more fun!!!!

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