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We are off on our first real fmily holiday in feb..We are flying to Cairns with our 21 month old and I am already starting to panic about what lies ahead..
Anyone have any tips about possible tantrums mid air and anything else which may be useful..Thanks
Take snacks, some cheap new activities (like from the Reject Shop), buy some of those little earphones for the tv on the plane. And take his/her favourite teddy to hold on the plane. And of course pack heaps of wipes, spare clothes etc. I find if you are prepared for every situation that might occur, it's never that bad!
Hi, I have been on flights with young children a few times, all of the times to Cairns actually.

In your on flight bag for your child include extra snacks so that if your child gets ratty you can pull out a snack. Also include something to chew on when you take off and land so that your childs ears dont hurt. I use lollies with my kids.

Take a few small toys to play with or get some cheap new toys and wrap them up that way your child can have a present to unwrap every now and again. With new toys they play with them for a while before they get sick of them.

I get the add on seatbelt for my youngest- 1-3yrs- because then you are able to have them on your lap and contained throughout the flight. When I went last with my son I found that even though he had a seat for himself he had more room and found it easier to sleep if I had him attached to me and laying his legs across his seat.

And one more thing leave it as long as you can before letting them get out of the seat for the first time.... because it can become a game wink

Good luck, I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Cairns is beautiful, a great place for families to visit. Ask for directions when you are there to Muddies Playground... it is so cool for kiddies, but they need their togs.
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Thanks for the quick replies...
Dansally what a great idea leave as long as possible to get out of their seat..

I love the idea of wrapped little pressies..

Knockonwood I will pay the reject shopa visit...

I have been to muddy playground and will stop in there again..We are staying in Port Douglas so have got a great deal with a 2 br apartment so am planning on putting the single bed mattress on the floor for little man to sleep on instead of a cot...Hope he behives himself
A portable DVD player is a must. We've travelled lots with our kids and found the DVD player great. Get a few new dvds too, like playschool or wiggles or something.
Also take some panadol on the plane with you in case they do get sore ears. The last thing you want is a child in pain for the whole flight... I've always take it with us but have never had to use it. And as previous person said take lollies to chew or something to suck on (lollypop, bottle, dummy) for take off and landing.
Maybe a new wooden peg puzzle would be a good toy for that age too. And some books, crayons, colouring-ins...
And lots of snacks. And a change of clothes.
I found being over prepared was always the key, is better to pack too much than not enough.
We just went on our first flight a few weeks ago. It was just me, DS and DD. I was really worried about how they would go aswell. I took little bags of lollies for them to have on take off and landing. I also got them a new colouring in book and pencils but found them to be more of a pain so didn't worry about it on the return flight. I also took a change of clothes for both of them.

My kids seems to be more interested in the safety message and magazine that they had. We went from brisbane to sydney and it didn't seem to take long at all.

Most importantly if bub does play up and throws a tantrum don't worry about what other people are thinking or if your disturbing them. It will make you alot less stressed. Good luck, everything will be fine!!

We just went on a holiday to QLD with 20 month old DS. I was so stressed about how he would go on the plane, what to pack etc. But he was absolutely fine!!

I took a nappy bag loaded with nappies, two changes of clothes, snacks, books and a couple of small toy cars. DS laughed during take off and landing so no problems with his ears. He stood up between my legs for most of the flight reading books and playing. We also took a portable DVD player which was fantastic.

Hope it all goes well - I think the anticipation is worse than the actual event!
My daughter was the same age when she first flew! smile She loved it!
Here was my little list for the plane;
- The usual nappy bag (Nappies, Wipes, Change of clothes etc)
- A milk bottle
- Water bottle
- Snacks
- Dummy
- Little magna doodle drawing board (I think you can get them from cheap shops - entertained her for so long and was just the right size for her)
- Books
- Any comforters - Teddy, blanket etc.
Also, the air hostess told me to have her sucking on her dummy or drinking/chewing when the plane took off so her ears didn't block. smile
Goodluck! x
Never would have thought of a magna doodle for the plane.That's it it's on Santas list now... grin
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