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Early Relationship and pregnant Rss

Hi there,

So long story short. My partner and i have been together for 7months now and we are 4months pregnant (very soon and a big surprise)! But after talk we were excited.. My partner has recently brought his 2nd home and has moved in however as soon as i mention of me moving in eventually, he has a worrying look on his face and then it turns into an argument. He says it feels like its going so quick (which it is, i know) and he just wants to have his space first (btw we spend a lot of time together when he's home from work - he works 2weeks away and 1 week home) im just a little confused but i understand where he's coming from as it is a big deal but i figured that we are already spending most of our time together that he would of been happy for me to move in however it seems to me like its the worst thing in the world! sad plus my hormones are going crazy and sending me mixed emotions.. I just feel like the more he doesn't seen too keen on it the more i feel unloved and just feel like its better if im just not with him altogether sad
Some helpful words of advice pls!

Thanks for reading!
First off, I'm sorry you are feeling that way sad I'm sure your partner isn't meaning to make you feel like that.

Males don't really understand pregnancy until the baby is actually born... so while you are hormonal and freaking out, he probably really doesn't understand any of it. I live with my partner, and as far as he is concerned with it, at this point(6 months) I'm just getting a belly and being sick all the time. Have you been to your morphology scan yet? And did your partner go with you? That tends to make it more "real" for them to.

Other thing is, do you stay at his place when he is here? Or arrange dates and go to your own houses? If you are spending a lot of time there anyway without moving in I'd just let it ride out. Once bub is here he will probably ask you to stay with him closer to the due date.

My partner was at a point of staying at my house every night(not arranged to, I'd come home from work around 10pm and he would be awake, so he'd come over for a cuddle and it kind of kept happening every night) until after a few weeks I said jokingly "why not bring all your stuff around" and that weekend I got home to him and all his stuff there.

Most men can't be pushed, and as much as they want women to be "direct" they are liars... all I can suggest is ease off asking and let him go about his own way until he thinks its HIS idea that you move in smile surely he doesnt have an issue with you staying with him while he is home anyway...

Or have someone attempt to break into his place while hes away... maybe he'll want someone home as security wink

Hi there thank you so much for your reply, it actually lifts a weight off my shoulders and makes me realise the other side of things smile
As for the morph scan, yes i had it 2weeks ago however my partner was working away unfortunately sad but i have my 18week in nearly 2weeks and i made sure he will be home for it smile
When he's home he was spending every night at my townhouse (as he was still going through settlement with the new house) but when he moved in there last week, we both started staying over there instead.
But yes your definitely right, and i just need to be patient. At the same time i feel crap because we both didnt plan this (however i am now over the moon about it) and he was saying that he wanted to take me overseas first and got to know me better, so i feel like he feels that he's only having me eventually move in for the fact that im pregnant sad but i know he does love me but my hormones tell me opposite! (The only symptom i loathe about pregnancy!) lol..
He's obviously excited about it too smile and yay! Trip overseas, I'm jealous haha a holiday will be good for the both of you, you wont get many once bubs is here wink hmm morphology scan before 18 week scan? Are you sure it wasnt a dating scan? Morphology is done around 17-22 weeks(find out if bubs is a he or she and every little finger and toe is measured and looks like a baby, not an alien smile ).

Think positive though smile you're lucky enough to have a guy who isnt going to run away from it all, try and keep busy so the hormones can't take over and have you over evaluating everything... as hard as that is to do wink

Yeah I'm not too sure if we can get a trip in before bubs, money wise and such lol..
Oh sorry i meant my nuchal scan i had done lol.. Baby brain! Hehe wink
Yeah i hope he sticks around (for bubs sake anyways).. Thanks so much for the words of wisdom. Its so good to vent out as i cant really tell family as i will feel foolish and they'll start to get worried.. x
Hi myself and my partner had our baby very soon after we met.he was delighted about news I was apprehensive but our baby girl arrived and we couldn't be happier with her.just make sure u let him do stuff with baby when it's born they feel more useful and will do more so u can do ur own things and don't feel like u have to do partner is great with her and it gives me time to keep house and home in order ????
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