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Am I over reacting? Rss

Hi all, just wanted opinion as to whether I'm being unreasonable.
So it's the DS first birth day party tomorrow and my grandmother was making the cake. In the process she got a bad back and I said il take care of it.
I asked DP if he'd help me with the cake. He responded with "no,I'm not doing the cake, I hate baking". At first i didn't think anything of it and just did it myself.
Half way through I ran out of butter and he made quite a big deal about it as to why I didn't have enough and that he'd have to drive to get some more which he didn't want to do.
The cake is finally done, minus the icing but DP and I aren't talking as he told me to stop talking to him after I confronted him about how I felt.

Like it's our sons first birthday. I thought he'd want to help. I'm not a fan of cooking but I did it because I love my son.

I can only speak from experience with my DH. He wouldn't help me bake the cake, the only time he helps is to lay the fondant on bc it needs an extra pair of hands. So I don't ask for help as for getting the butter, you probably have a valid point.

Baking at last minute is stressful enough so it's easy to forget ingredients. I personally do all the shopping but only bc I always buy more than what I intended to buy - esp for birthday parties.

Perhaps once this special occassion is over you could have a chat to him explaining how stressed you were and purchasing the butter wld have been a huge help while you could continue planning.

Regardless, stay smiling, have a great day and a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little man.
Did he get the butter in the end? If he didn't I'd be mad.cos it's the least he could do!

Why didn't he want to help you- was he just laying around or was he doing other party related stuff? I know when we have kids parties here we both get very tense (silly I know lol) and DH is trying to organise chairs, clean the deck blah blah and I'm inside organising food etc.. And we both get the cranks if the.other asks for help cos we worry our own jobs won't get done. That's only in the pre party rush then when everyone turns up and our kids are enjoying ourselves we realise that we've been idiots again and we can laugh it and we're fine wink

Is the party today? Hopefully you guys will just get over it and enjoy the day.

In saying all that- to me it depends why he wasn't helping you?

Yep I agree with Tallulah Belle, it depends on why he didn't help - if he was busy getting other stuff ready for the party then sweet, but if he was laying on the sofa, well then yep I would be pissed.
In our house we run by 'teamwork makes the dream work' we pull together to get things done, and so if he wasn't helping towards the party then I think you are right.
I hope you guys have an amazing first birthday, your little boy will have a ball! smile

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