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Did your father give you away? Rss

Definitely smile I'm really close to my dad so I wouldn't have had it any other way
My dad gave me away and I am so pleased he was there. Since he passed away he has missed out on meeting my children so I am glad he played a role in our wedding.
I had both mum and dad walk me down the aisle. It wasn't so much giving me away, but guiding me towards the next part of my journey. Dad didn't get his nose out of joint and I think mum was stoked to be asked. smile
My dad walked me down the aisle and at first I was a bit funny about it as we didn't have the best relationship. He died in November last year and I am so glad now that I let him. I will never get that opportunity again.

Nope, my parents weren't invited as we don't speak, an old family friend walked me down, he's more of a father to me.

Both our sets of parents walked down the alise ahead of DH and I who walked down together.
No, right up until the limo ride there, my dad was going to walk me down the isle. But as we were waiting for the limo to leave he said he had one more quest coming. It was this tarty looking lady that he'd met two days earlier! We were having a small wedding Las Vegas. So my Dad told me that she was coming, I said I didn't want her there. He told me that anyone could come to anyone's wedding and that he wasn't coming if she wasn't.

I was fuming the whole way to the wedding. My sister ended up having to go into the chapel and got my FIL out and I got him to walk me down the isle. I wanted my Dad to do it, but he was just being how he's been all my life, very controlling.

My relationship is now pretty good with my Dad, more for the sake of my son, didn't want him growing up not knowing his granddad. And I think my Dad probably thinks my husbands now in charge of me!
Both my mum and my dad walked me down the isle it was really nice and I know that my mum really enjoyed being included smile

We are told to forgive and forget, but if we forget what we forgave then isn't forgiveness pointless?

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