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Just wondering how all your finances/husbands propose
would love to hear all your girlies stories.

My Partner proposed to me at hervey bay beach on new year, It was a full blue moon..
We were walking along the beach at night time peaceful..
My DD was playin with sand,
i was looking at the moon thinking about what the future would bring us, he held me from behind, open the box infront of my face and said will you marry me and become my wife?
i broke down in tears, took me ages to get the word YES out of my mouth as i was in shock.. i didnt expect it at all..
I finally said yes and DD turn around and said that "that the ring he showed me the other night"
i look at him and he said i ask her for permission to marry me..
I thought it was soo cute, we went back into the hotel and and had few drinks and celebrate..
most romance night ive ever had!
Hubby proposed the night when we went to see carl barron. I knew something was up cause he didn't eat all of his dinner.
We got back to my house and he said a few things then drop to his knee and ask me to marry him and of course i said Yes. That was almost 5 years ago.

Unfortunately mine wasn't so romantic. I knew it was coming because :-

- we'd already booked the honeymoon!
- the night before he said to me "make sure you wear something nice tomorrow" and "where will your parents be tomorrow?"

We went to Day on the Green to see Pete Murray and when we entered DH also says "make sure you keep that ticket, you'll want to keep it". The poor man couldn't have been any more obvious but of course I just pretended I didn't know what was going on.

But he was so nervous he drank two bottles of champagne (finally asked me during the last song of the night!!!), and I had to pull the car over on the way for him to puke - hmmmmmmm, and I still married him!!! Must love the guy that's all I can say ....
My DF proposed just under 1 year ago....
The night before we were at a friend's place watching the AFL grand final, and talking to another couple who had just got engaged. DF then said "lets do something tomorrow" and I was all for it.
The next day I woke up in the worst mood ever. He eventually convinced me to go down to Caloundra for the day. We got there, it was really hot and I was in jeans and a jumper and complined the whole time. So we went home. We then started to watch a movie and DF kept saying, "lets go for a walk on the beach" and "im like ok but i need a nap first" and thinking to myself he is acting a bit wierd..... So after I woke up we walked down to the beach and up to the headland where DF asked if we could sit down. So there looking over the ocean he pulled out the ring and said "Will you marry me?" I was so shocked! I said "You Serious? Yes!!!" Balling my eyes out. I cant believe he still wants to marry me after the bitch I was that day. lol thats love for you.

My DH proposed while we were visiting my family in Cairns over christmas.

He had packed the ring without me knowing, it went on the plane from NZ with us, hung around for 10 days in our room without me finding it and he asked my parents for permission without me knowing what was going on.

On New Years eve we all went to the festivities my the esplanade in Cairns and then after a while my parents took the girls home with them for bed and left my DH and I to enjoy the night.

He found a quiet spot a while after and got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.... it is the most romantic thing that he has ever done.

But before you think that my DH is a romantic man dont be fooled....

He had a diff -for a car-that he wasnt using and his friend had an engagement ring that he wasnt using so they swapped laugh

And thats how he got the ring, but to be honest I didnt give a rats how he got it, it was how he used it that counted wink
My blog, take a peek into my world

My husband said to me pack an overnight bag & wear a nice dress at that stage we were living in Sydney. We got to a really nice hotel & on the table were strawberries dipped in chocolate & a bottle of bubbly we then walked down to darling harbour & pointed to the showboat & said were going on that he then took me up to the top deck & as we were going under the harbour bridge he got down on one knee & asked me to marry him I said yes we then went back to our table & the captain called us on stage to congratulate us it was a very romantic evening
My DH proposed out the front of my house when he picked me up one afternoon lol he did the whole 'you're so perfect I never want to be with anyone else' sppech then asked me to marry him. I thought it was a joke so I cracked up laughing laugh then I realised he was serious when he showed me the ring!

We had talked about getting engaged prior to that day and I had pointed out a few rings (luckily for him he chose the right one!) but I honestly had no idea that he was going to propose when he did grin
No one can top this one for being the most unromantic proposal of all time.

We walked pass Michael Hill one day while out shopping and I was window shopping. I saw a ring I loooved and told him that when he proposes I want one like that. He said 'we can get it now if you want' and I said 'yeah, alright'. He then signed the finance papers and I picked it up a couple of days later when it was resized. It's OK though, I hate cheesiness and I cringed when I saw my brother propose to his DF. I can't help it.

Soo funny but that's typical of something we'd do. We are so far away from traditional laugh
awww loving all the stories the first story made me cry smile happy cry hehe.
iv been with my partner 3 years ans have a 6month old son. we seem so young but i know his the right one for me i feel it smile
damn i wanna get married hehe.
I think we'd only been together about 2 months before DH started telling me he wanted to marry me. He'd tell me every day smile So one day, while he was telling me again how he wanted to marry me, I asked him "when?" And he said as soon as possible! LOL! I gave him the choice of April 2010 or November 2010 (being mid 2009 when this discussion was taking place) He chose April 2010. We went "ring shopping" that same day and chose the ring but didn't buy it yet.

Then I booked a wedding venue, chose a date, made a gift registry, started trying on dresses... but he didn't propose...and another month went by, and he didn't propose...

Finally in September (when practically ALL my wedding planning was done) he proposed. He took me to the restaurant where we had our very first date for dinner, then we went for a walk along the beachfront in the lovely clear evening. He proposed by the fountain and pulled out the perfect ring. It was oh so romantic! And I was extatic to be finally engaged!!

I later found out he had picked up that same day and didn't know where he was going to put it that night, so he might as well give it to me! LOL!

My hubby proposed when we went to the gold coast now to explain a little bit our pet name for each other is kitty (yes odd I know) anyway it was our last day we were packing bags and all that stuff and he was in the bathroom he made it seem somthing had happened(like we broke somthing) and he is like "oh crap get in here see what happened) so I rushed in there and took me a few mins but in toothpaste on the mirrior he had written "will you be my forever kitten" turned around he had the ring I cried it was perfect very us lol
On a skydive. We were both skydivers me with about 4000 jumps and him about 600. He wanted to go and do a jump with just me. Normally I would jump with serveral other people. But there were not many people around to jump with so I said ok. At about 5000ft above ground he yelled out will you marry me. I didn't understand want he said and thought there was a problem with my parachute. I checked all my handles and everything seemed fine I opened my parachute and landed (not very gracefully as I was still wondering what he had said in freefall). He then produced the ring that had been in his pocket the whole time and again asked me to marry him. We got married about 6 months later and are still very happy together.

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