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Where do you buy baby shower invites in NZ online???? Rss

I think the question is obvious. Lol.
I did the whole invite thing via Huggies to be told at the end its only valid in Australia and they dont send to NZ (stink).
Tried (really cheap) but their delivery was the price of the invites. Anyone else got any recommendations other than making them? Im soooooo NOT artsy!

i always use

one of the other ones i use is
only used it once or twice ages ago so cant remember how there postage is compared to vistaprint. but they are really good as well.

I got baby announcements from this web site, they were pretty good.

its in america but deliver anywhere and it took 5 days from ordering for it to be delivered to my door.

Absolutely awesome ideas from everyone. Tried to post that yesterday but couldnt sad

Ended up going to a photo place (Fuji film) and the lady there did up a quick mock of what I told her I was after. I ended up with 20 invites for less than $20... I thought that was a pretty good bargain. The other prinitng shop across the road from there quoted $90 cos he had to create one. gasp I aint that wealthy. grin Was gonna put up a pic of how it looks (cos it looks really good) but it has my personal details on it so I cant sad

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