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Hi mummies,

Who out there has some funky ideas for a 5 year old girls bday party. There will be a mix of boys and girls, so dont want to make it too girly. Games and themes are needed, im clueless lol

My DD is turning 5 next week and for her party she is having a Hi5 dance party - just a disco really. We will have boys and girls ranging in ages from 4 to 9 so hoping that covers them all! Games will be old fave pass the parcel, limbo, and I have a cute little trophy for dancing. I have also printed out some "grovy dancing" certificates to go in their party bags. You can find some really cool things on the net.

We've also have 2 5th birthday parties in the last week - one was at a local playcentre, the other at their house with a jumping castle. Both worked well for boys and girls.
DD1 just turned 6. We had a joint party with her BFF (lol) and hired a jumping castle - expensive but was definately worth it, especially with energetic boys. Went very low key with small loot bags, no games or theme, just the 2 activities below. Our best party yet.

The kids (boys included) made 'necklaces' on string with fruitloops (put tape around end so it doesnt fray when threading).

We also let every child decorate a cupcake with smarties, mini marshmallows etc (name written on base) and placed them all on cupcake stand to form the birthday cake - after the candles were blown the kids ate their own cake.

At her 5th the theme was pirates and princesses. We played colour statues as its easier/fairer (great if ages vary), and the kids loved it. Place coloured card/paper squares on ground (eg red,blue,yellow,green). when music stops kids stand on a colour. A colour is drawn from a hat and all kids standing on it are out. Continue until you have a winner.

Bit over pass the parcel and pin the tail - kids get bored once they have a turn, takes lots of time to prepare and play, they prefered the statues.
Agree with the above suggestions. As for food, kids are in 7th heaven with sausage rolls and simple finger food (strawberries, celery with cream cheese and strips of salmon in them if you're feeling exotic ), although I'd keep back the lolly bags until you're sending them all home!

Have a few adults with you for support/ kid wrangling.

Oh - and in my experience, as long as I keep eating sugar at the same rate as the 5-year olds, it.. will

have fun smile
Thanks for the ideas guys =) Its very helpful
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