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birthday invitation software?? Rss

hi ladies, i am wanting a software program that has invitation templates on there with disney princesses, pixar cars etc. does anyone know what programs have these and where i can purchase them from? i have a few kids parties to organise this year, not only my kids but my family and friends kids too, and was wanting to do some really cool invites up myself without having to pay anyone else. any ideas??

[Edited on 18/03/2009]
I dont know of a software program, but I have found that if you type your child's favourite character into your search engine, you can find all sorts of great clipart. Disney has a great lot of this on offer. I normally just type in, for example, "cars clipart" and it comes up with heaps of options for you.

From there, you can put them into a word document and make 4 invites to an A4 page by putting in your fave picture and the details of your party.

Also, some kids character websites have their own party stuff. I know that Playschool used to have party hat templates and possibly invitations and other items.

Otherwise, have you tried doing a search for invitation templates online?

Hope this has helped. Happy partying.

WA - gorgeous little girl

just found this website that seems to have a few great ideas.

they have free printable invitations - looks like you would have to subscribe (free) to be able to print them tho.

WA - gorgeous little girl

I'm making my son's invitations at the moment. For anything, not just invites, I always use Microsoft Publisher. For kids birthday cards I serch for their favorite characters, save it as a jpg file or copy and paste straight on to the card. Sometimes I leave the background blank and you can buy special paper or card and that always make a big difference. Also with Publisher, you can make 4 cards one A4 page, so that will save you a bit on paper too. If I find anything else along the way, I'll let you know.
thankd for your replies ladies, i will look into your suggestions and keep u posted smile
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