1. Don't overbook

It's tempting to want to show off your new baby but if you want your little guy to smile in photos, try and avoid over scheduling. Make sure you allow times for naps in between for both yourself and your little one.

2. Don't go overboard with buying gifts

It's an exciting time celebrating Christmas with your new baby. However, babies don't need much to entertain them so try and hold off on spending big the first year. You'll need to save your pennies for the next few years.

3. Start making your new family's history

Start a totally new tradition this year - something that the three of you will do this holiday and then make a lifelong family ritual. It could be allowing everyone to open one gift for each of you under the tree - at a special time when no one else is around.

4. Throw a Baby Christmas Party!

Instead of hosting an open house or a big party for the adults, invite other babies and their parents over for an afternoon baby-fest. Let the babies crawl all around and socialise with each other. Have them wear Santa hats and see them entertained by all the festive decorations. The grown-ups can sip something festive and swap strategies for upcoming in-law visits.

5. Decorate your Baby's Room

Babies love the glow and sparkle of Christmas lights - so hang some in her room, whether or not you also put them up on a tree or elsewhere in the house. Just gazing at them together in the dark can make for some special quiet moments. And she'll appreciate the surprise change of scene in her room. Just make sure lights are well out of her reach!

We'd love to hear how you are celebrating your baby's 1st Christmas! Let us know what you have planned!