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Hello there! My sister in law announced her pregnancy recently, woohoo! Such a lovely news. Now... What is a tasteful, Christmas present for a mum to be? I have two little ones myself and yet I have no imagination... smile I wanted to buy her some presents for herself (pregnancy related) but not for the baby yet. Excluding baby bags and clothing (I was really picky on those, so I would rather leave that out in case she is too!), what would make a nice present in your opinion??
Thanks everyone!!!! smile
Photo album or frame
Family portrait voucher
Subscription for practical parenting magazine... Gift that keeps on giving!
Amazing how I didn't think of any of these!! Now to pick smile My baby brain is still happening haha. Thank you! ?
Hi - check out too smile
I might use these ideas for my Santa list!
Could do with a massage and pedicure!

Oh, that's one, a pedicure!

Since so many things are on the blacklist for food and drink in pregnancy, a hamper of preggo-friendly snacks and drinks could go down well: gourmet muesli, nuts, fruit leather, good cheddar cheese, crackers. grissini, just to name a few (besides chocolate!).
OH WOW! Suggestions keep coming smile Thank you SO much, you have no idea how much easier you made it for me smile smile Thanks ladies. Now I don't know which to choose!! smile
Thats easy coming from a mum to be myself

A voucher for a pamper pack or day spa voucher or even delux mani/pedi voucher is great
makes her feel good and its all for mum.
I know my feet need some serious attention and its not an easy spot to get too at the moment!! grin
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