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Gift ideas for 10mo and my bestie Rss

I'm hoping you guys can help me. I've struggled for gift ideas but managed to cover my list except for the last two I'm stuck on. I'm on a tight budget and looking to spend about $10-20 on each present.

A 10mo boy who is a cousin of my kids on their dads side. It will be from the kids to him but I know they will receive presents from them so I don't want to be too stingy. He's the kind of kid who needs nothing so I was thinking something practical like a hat or something? Or is that too boring?

My best friend and her partner have bought scooters for my kids so I want them to give something in return. I'm not buying gifts for adults otherwise but I feel we should return the gift, but I can't spend as much as she has.

Any ideas?

My 4yo just suggested a calendar which I think is not a bad idea.
It hadn't even occurred to me that he probably should but I don't think that will happen. Thanks for those ideas, I'm starting to get to that point you realise you have a lot more to do than you thought! Argh stress
For your adult friends what about a bottle of wine and then you could make a tasting platter full of goodies on there for them eg- shortbread, truffles, white Christmas etc. as well as being cheaper for you that way, they will see you've gone to the trouble of making the platter yourself which is meaningful smile
For the 10 month old how about a melamine plate set or a toddler fork/spoon set.

For your friends I think a bottle of wine or a nice plant like a poinsettia.
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