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What do you do gift wise Rss

The other thread got me wondering what people do gift wise for their children. How many gifts do you put under the tree for each child? Do you do stockings? Do you have and special traditions you do? Do you and your partner buy for each other?
I buy 1 gift each for my kids. My partner & I don't buy for each other. I do a xmas stocking for ds. Dd is too old now for that. I buy one gift for all other family members.

We don't really have any special traditions. As long as we see each other on the day. Have some nice food even if it is only basic and my favourite part is the presents getting opened. I love watching everyone open their presents especially the kids.

Either one biggish one or a few small ones. That are toys an then something useful like t shirts.
Dont have any traditions we do that i can think of. Hubby hasnt bought me anything for the last two christmas's but i always buy something for him amd buy something for myself so i dont feel left out.

We dont have a set amount of gifts we just try to keep it under $200 for each child. In saying that this is dd first xmas and dont think we will be spending that much on her as she is only 9 months.

we dont get each other gifts
we dont buy for anyone else as in our family gifts are only for the kids funnily enough im still considered a kid in my family at the age of 31 lol

The kids get gifts from us, my parents, dps sister and brother, my brother, my grandparents x2, my aunties and uncles x4, ds godmother. So needless to say they get spoilt. They are the only kids for my dps fam and the only kids on one side of my fam.

I grew up with 3 gifts under the tree. Hubby grew up with more gifts then he could count.

I don't spend more then $100 on the kids. We do the want, need wear and read then a few small things in the stocking so DH and I can sleep a little longer.

I feel like the kids have too much this year. I am thinking of changing a few of the gifts around. That way they are not getting too much. I might put them aside for their birthday.
We're still working it out... most likely some clothes, some small toys and books and one big thing ie this year we're getting DS a balance bike
We don't have a specific number of gifts, more just get whatever we think they'll like up to a certain budget in total, but we do give a minimum of four, spread over three days. They get a present from mum, dad and siblings at DH's family Christmas and another at my family's Christmas get together and then on Christmas Day get at least 1 present from us (depends on cost, could be one more expensive thing or a few cheaper items) and one as a joint gift from their siblings. Santa has brought them board games and chocolates in previous years but we're running out of kid's games to get now so thinking it might be a dvd and chocolates this year.

DH and I buy for each other but more as a 'from the kids' gift than from us and we get a Santa present too (DVD each) because DD1 wanted to know why we weren't getting Santa presents a few years ago smile.

The only real tradition with presents is that, on Christmas Day, we open the Santa present then go to Church. When we come home we have breakfast (ham on toast) and then open our other presents. We don't do stockings but have a pillow case with our names sewn on it for Santa to put all the presents in.

I don't have a specific number of presents or budget, but I do make sure that the kids all have the same number of presents to open. This year they'll probably have 6 or 7 each - one biggish present and a few smaller ones. Then they get presents from both sets of grandparents, their father, their aunt and their cousin.

I don't have a partner to exchange presents. The older 2 will bring home something from school and kinder though smile They're my favourite presents! lol

As far as traditions - I just make sure we have a lovely day together. We always see both sets of grandparents at some stage through the day. In he lead up, we go together to get a present for the wishing tree and this year we're doing a box for Operation Christmas Child, which I will make an annual tradition smile
It probably varies each year as to how many presents they get, this year we are buying a trampoline so they'll just get a few little presents to unwrap plus their stocking. DH and I do buy for each other but this year we have decided just to do a small present (like $20) I like us parents getting a present too as it teaches the kids that it's not just about them. Growing up in my family we always did presents on Christmas eve so we may do that with the boys once they get a bit older.

This will be my first child's first Christmas. For him I have carried n the tradition my mum had and that is each child gets 3 presents each. For us this is a means of controlling the budget and we tie it into our religious beliefs as I am from a Christian family and we always got told that we got 3 gifts as that is the amount baby Jesus got when he was born and we will tell our children the same
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