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Nice idea or tacky? Rss

The other day I got a call out of the blue from my ex parent inlaws. My ex had a huge falling out with them 4 years ago and cut them out of our lives. Now that we have split they decided to get in contact with me and are coming from interstate to spend some time with the kids and I in a couple of weeks (boy isn't the ex sh*tty about that lol).

Anyhow we are going to exchange small gifts and I'm stuck for ideas. I haven't seen them in 4 years so don't want to go overboard. I have found some gorgeous little stainless steel salt and pepper shakers on a stand and was thinking of having 1 engraved with Gran and the other with Ba (thats what the kids call them). Nice or tacky?

I think it sounds nice, but what about a photo collage in a nice frame of the kids over the last few years?
I like the salt and pepper shakers, I don't think they are tacky. The photos of your kids are also a good idea, you can make small photo books at K-mart, Officeworks or online.
I hope your kids really enjoy the visit (annoying your ex can just be a bonus).
great idea smile
I hope they're not coming over because they think they can 'fix' your marriage breakdown blink

The salt & pepper idea is certainly not tacky - I would do that as well as something to do with photos with the kids... maybe just one of those little albumns filled with pictures from the last 4 years - that's a LOT of time to miss out on when you're talking about kids.

What about a photo calendar with your kids pics? Think that would be more sentimental for them smile
Ohh I might pinch that idea for my parents...they are going to be caravanning around Aust for the next goodness knows how long so Ive been trying to think of gifts that dont take up too much room.

Cheers Ness

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