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Win a Huggies Art Desk this week! Enter our Forum Quiz today! 21st August Lock Rss

Win a fantastic Huggies Art Desk that your creative tot will love! All you need to do is answer our weekly question to WIN!

21st August

Is there any sound more delightful than baby laughter? This week we’d love to know what your baby finds hysterical, so tell us;

What makes your baby laugh?

By answering this Weekly Question in the Huggies Forum, you have the chance to win a Huggies Art Desk … and remember the judges are looking for the most creative response smile

We will select 1 winning entry every week.

What do you need to do?
1. You will need to join the Huggies Club or sign in if you are already a member.
2. Each week, the Huggies Moderators will post a few questions in the Fun & Games section
3. Post a reply to the weekly question for your chance to win.

For full details and terms and conditions of this promotion, just access the link.

Huggies Moderators smile

My baby is so so ticklish that prodding him anywhere will set off lots of giggles. However, under the chin is a sure guaranteed spot
My dogs crack both my little ones up every time. Especially if they start rolling on the ground or try to lick them!
All you have to do to make my little Joey Laugh hysterically is to ask for a kiss. She thinks it's a great game to lean forward and pretend to grab your face, then as soon as you get close enough she pulls away shakes her head and laugh's at you. I feel rather rejected come to think of it, hahaha, it turns into a great game chasing her around the house trying to get her to give me a kiss still laughing hysterically.
I love the small things that make my little DD giggle hysterically. Like sitting on the end of our bed, watching herself in the mirror, and falling backwards. Playing peek-a-boo from under the bed covers. Her newest is when I push her in the swing, stand in the way and then fall over when she hits me. The funniest thing is that she only has to giggle once and she already has the hiccups, it makes it even funnier!

Love listening to unrestrained baby giggles, has to be one of the best sounds in the world!

Ethan (oldest) Laughs at his favourite movie cars, we have watched it many of many times. he knows all the parts

Elleah (Middle Child) Laughs at everything Especially when our dog molly licks her she curls up and loves playing with the pup

Sienna (youngest) Laughs at sneaking into our room and putting out the toilet paper and tissues and recking mummy's make-up
My little boy laughs so hard when he gets his hands on our floor lamp and rocks it side to side...not the best for the lamp but sometimes I'm laughing so hard it's hard to stop him!
My little boy (6 Month old) laughs when I sing to him, lol not too sure if its because I sound awful or he loves it lol.
My baby girl laughs hysterically when anyone meows like a cat or hisses like a cat it gets her everytime. Her grandpa is a big butch man and its funny to see him meowing like a delicate cat lol. Also if you nibble on her belly she cant stop laughing infact if you even move towards her belly she will start laughing because she knows whats going to happen.

My 5 fingers that love to tickled smile
Miss 17m still thinks Peak a Boo is hilarious! As silly as you feel playing the game on repeat it is worth every giggle!!
This smallest thing will set DS off laughing. The other night DS broke a rice cracker in half and chucked it on the floor. DH picked it up and took each half and put together going "ZING!" each time and DS would crack up. then DH took the cracker and turned it the other way so the ends didnt match up correctly and went "OOPS!" and DS cracked up laughing. They spent a good 10 mins doing it! laugh

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