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4 yr old girl Birthday Rss

Hi All

Any suggestions on presents for my 4 yr old girls Birthday??

Jordyn 27.09.03 & Jack 10.03.05

puzzles, art and craft stuff, dress ups- including pretend makeup, the little blossom range from avon, jewellery- a nice locket necklace or ring

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

My eldest daughter turned 4 last friday and got a heap of disney princess barbies and an Ariel dolphin carraige(sp?).
she also got all new textas, crayons, pencils, sharpener, highlighetrs, gel pens, glue and a few scrap books.
she loved them all soo much I have trouble getting her to pack them away.

also the new barbie fairytopia DVD

Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07

I have a little girl turning 4 in Feb. She is mad on 'pop beads' They are a product of chicken socks, visit She has the pop bead people. They are fantastis and it keeps her amused for hours, she loves making necklaces with them. Also the Leapfrog clickstart my first computer. It is a great learning tool yet fun,it has lots of games such as our ever fav Dora the Explora. Anything musical is always fun for them too,even if it does give us a headache lol. There are some really cute wooden castanates(clackers)in bright colours and ones that look like frogs and ladybeetles. Hope i've been of some help. Let me know if you have any other ideas smile

my Scarlett turned 4 a couple of weeks ago. I kept it really simple this year. She got a new dress with matching headband and her Baby Born also received a new dress with accessories. My daughter was over the moon because her 'baby' only gets a new outfit at Christmas usually (BB clothes are expensive & therefore kept as a special present).

By the time I put these two presents with the ones she received from relatives (who'd posted books), she had about 6 presents to open on her birthday morning.

She is also having a birthday party, but this is with her younger brother (he's a Sept baby & they're 5wks & 2yrs apart). I will be making their birthday cakes so she is getting a Dolly Varden one & there will be a Barbie in the middle plus a Barbie sitting next to the cake - these two Barbies will constitute the rest of her present.

I have a theory that if they get too much at this age, they'll never be satisfied with smaller more expensive presents when they're older.

Essentially though, think carefully about your daughters interests. My daughter doesn't even know Doras name & I'm happy to keep it that way even though I quite like Dora. I just figure we've got Barbe & Baby Born going on with a host of other stuff, so she doesn't need to know about Dora.

As for my son who's turning 2 in a few weeks - he kinda received his present today. We went to see a Bob the Builder show & although he didn't ask for any of the merchandise, he was so excited to see Bob, that I bought him a couple of things. (I still can't belive I bought them at that price when I could get them cheaper!! haha!!) In fact, because his party is before his birthday, we probably won't even mention happy birthday on the day - he's 2, he won't know. Sounds kinda cruel, but I believe in making life easy.

Oh, by the way, I have 4 children total - hence the easy path in life -'s too late for THAT - haha!!!

Good luck & I know that whatever you choose, your daughter will love it. AH! one last special thing I do with my darling - we go out, just the two of us, for afternoon tea at a Cafe. Its something I've done since she was born & I hope it'll be such a habit that even when we get to difficult years, she'll want to do it. Also, its a nice chance to talk, window shop & get to know each other.


My little girl is turning 3 tomorrow and we have got her the new click start computer by leapfrog w/ an art game (she LOVES her daddies laptop!), a little mermaid (obsessed!) beauty salon, and the hungry hungry hippos game (taking me back to my childhood!!). From others she got (had her party yest.), a little mermaid makeup and hairstyling 'head', a barbie playset, dolls, my little ponies,and a big trampoline (nanny and poppy!). She also had a big party in the park... Hope your little one enjoys her birthday... they are so special!!!

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

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