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Reccomendations for an affordable covertivle booster seat (6 or 9 months to 7 to 8 years) Rss

HI ladies, sorry I haven't posted for a while, haven't really had anything interesting to say. So we are getting a new dual cab ute (dh's farm vehicle) and I need a booster seat one that dd can use now up until she is 7 or 8.

We still have my car and dd is an convertible car seat, we will leave her like that until the new baby grows out of the capsule. The bay can then have her seat and we will have to buy another convertible Booster seat for dd.

DD's car seat is a top of the range safe and sound AHR meridean (sp) and it cost us about 650 bucks and I am not overally happy with it. As we need a new booster for dh's ute I think I am going to buy a cheaper one as dd won't be in it as much as our actuall car. I want to try a cheaper one so I will know if I am it's good value and it does the job or if I will buy another more expensive one when it is needed for our car.

Long and short of it, Target has a hipod Convertible booster seat 6months-8years for $179 dollars. Babies are us have a infasecure for the same price. Can someone please make some suggestions for other reasonable seats or even give me their opinions of the two I have listed. I am sure all car seats meet the standards but pretty much clueless where else I can look at what is good value. I like the one form target but If I don't get it until Christmas it will be to late by then. We need it within two weeks. Can anyone help??? PLEASE smile

My DH has a dual cab ute and take my advice and only buy a safe n sound or hipod seat due to the anchor strap. If you take a look at the SnS ones the adjuster for the strap is on the side and the infasecure one has them at the back of the seat. With the bench seats in the ute (I assume they're all bench seats in the back) it's really difficult to adjust the straps if it's at the back and get it tight enough (had to take a seat back to toys r us because of this).

We have a hipod boston booster (from 4 yrs) and a hipod senator which is the one you are looking at. I've only used them for toddlers though, there is a bar underneath you can fold out to make it recline a little.

We recently bought the Infa-secure Regent from Toys r Us when it was half price at $160.
Im happy with it and DS loves it.
We bought one that still has the inbuilt harness. As our son is a shortie, we didn't feel comfy putting him in a normal booster harness yet.
The link is below:

Thanks everyone, really appreciatte the help! Thanks Kazza for the tip on the straps, that is something i hadn't taken into consideration. smile

I think if you visit your states road and traffics authority website, it can link u to the website about the safety ratings. I think its reffered to as CREP.
We have the babylove ezy combo. Have not had an issue with it, we bought it when my dd was about 2 and a half, so we've had it for 2yrs. We've only just taken away the 5pt safety harness and are now using the seatbelt. Its comfy (has awesome padding), has a cup holder, can recline a little and has the best safety rating for its category. I think it cost us no more then $229.
Good luck!
I also have the babylove Ezy Combo...Awesome seat, both DD2 (she was 3 in April) and I Love it..extremely comfortable. She is tall for her age and i think will easily last in the seat until she is 7, so there will be no need for me to buy her anything else.

Weve got a Hipod Senator for DD1. It goes from 8kg to 25kg, It has a harness that can be removed later and the seat can be used with a normal seatbelt. Its on special at target at the moment too, it also has ipod connectivity lol. DD1 is little for her age, and I didn't feel comfortable putting her in some of the other boosters on the market. I highly recommend it smile
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