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Position of Car Seats?? Rss

I am interested to know how people have their baby car seats/boosters set up in a sedan.

I have a nearly 3yo son and a 5mth old son. At the moment I have my DS1 in the middle in his Maxi Rider and DS2 on the passenger side, in his rearward facing seat. I have left DS1 in the middle as he can see out the front windscreen. But now he is taller he can now see out the side window instead.


I want to change it so DS1 is behind the driver and DS2 is behind the passenger seat... but then I think about car accidents and how 'they' say it is more dangerous on the driver's side? Or is it the passenger side?? ARGH! As you can see I need help lol, and would like to know how you have your seats set up!

TIA - I'll be back later to check replies!! smile
I've always been told it is safer behind the passenger seat. DD is actually behind the driver's seat as we have a 2 door car, i'm taller than DF lol and DF normally drives.
I have one one each side only because they try to kill eachother if they're too close and I hear it's dangerous to steer with your bum whilst reaching into the back trying to break up fight number 24...

There is a myth that the passengers side is more dangerous because you instinctively use that side as a 'shield' in an accident iykwim? don't know how true it is though

i just have them so they fit lol, DS#1 in the midle in the booster DS#2 behind the driver and DS#3 behind the passenger (both in carseats)

i was told by kidsafe that the middle is only 1% safer so i dont think either side would have much difference.
Thanks Ladies for replying!

LMAO about fight number 24 and bums out of seats kat and 2 kittens - get a great visual in my head lol! Thanks too for the "stats" mummytocutties on it only being 1% safer... it's so hard to "choose" who goes where!! smile thanks again.
lol... you should see my trying to wrestle their arms back into the harness at 110kph on the highway! LMAO

I have both DD's on a side each. Had DD2 in the middle for a while but easier to put her in if shes on the outside too.
I have DD1 behind the driver and DD2 on the other side..
one on each side same as above. as soon as they could touch each other they would fight.
My reasons are due to the road.
I have DS2 on the passenger side.
I get DS1 to climb in first and sit in his seat. It takes me longer to put DS2 in his seat so it is safer for me and the boys to get them in and out on that side.
I only have to open DS1's door briefly to do up his seat belt and I get him to climb out on the passenger side too so we are not on the road.
I'm facing this same dilema at the end of the year so its great to read these responses.

I hadn't thought of keeping DS in the middle so he could see - that's a great idea though.

And it's the getting the two of them in and out that's a worry - I'm thinking that I'll keep DS in the middle and put bub on the passenger side for ease of strapping in and safety. I think it's best to put them in from the footpath than on the road!

I had DS#2 in the middle in his carseat then my 2 older kids were on the outside with DS#1 on the passenger side with his H harness n DD on the drivers side. But I wasnt happy with how the carseat sat in the middle...It seemed to move alot even after being installed professionally so I had it moved to the passenger side now since DS#1 is too big for his H harness.

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