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Toddler Accessories & Equipment


5 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids

Naturally, we pay extra attention to safety and protection when we are buying something for kids...

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isabella's mummy


I am looking for some labels like the ones sold by Stuck on You. We need to label clothes, shoes...

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visit ebay store or website

Sheila Ri

baby food cubes

Does anyone know where to get ice cube trays with covers for storing of homemade baby food cubes?

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Hi all. Hope you’re fine. I’m the new member in this group. This can lead that some persons have more information about the diseases...


Need baby gate that attaches to wall in front of door

Our LO has just started to crawl in earnest. We have a door out to a terrace that is the only sou...

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Waterproof cast

Does anyone know how much a fiberglass cast will cost roughly? Four year old with broken arm.

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Pram Liners

I have 2 years old nephew and I wanted to buy Pram liners for her as a birthday gift. I've ...

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Hi Ellen, I found this range of pram liners from Marmalade Lion. They are removable and washable which I love and make my life so m...


Pram for Energetic Toddlers

Hey everyone, my little one is getting older and with that he no longer wants to be carried aroun...

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Lost baby baby brand snuggle toy/blankie

Please if anyone can help. ..My daughter's lost her favourite thing, its a baby baby brand s...

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Suggestions for a double pram for 20kg+ toddler and newborn

Hi all! At the end of Nov our new baby girl will be born. We currently have a 2 year old toddler...

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Cutest Baby on Board sticker ever

Just wanted to share these. I got one as a gift and ended up Googling to find out where they came...

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Your opinion please?

I've started this year a Facebook store called Mummys Cherub Boutique. What products do yo...

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Hi That is such an awesome idea. You get to be productive & creative whilst also being so close to your little one/s. I alway...


Car seats that he can't unbuckle. PLEASE!

My 3 year old son has been able to unbuckle his 5 point harness for several months now. At first ...

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Hello, We have the Mothers Choice victory convertible booster... I sometimes struggle to press the button hard enough to unclaimed ...

Stroller recommendations

I have to say that the cheap foldable stroller with dodgy sunshade, $25 from Target, is still the...

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Hi Was just wondering if anyone knows a good way to get my toddler off his dummy. We have tried ...

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Yes I agree with the last few posts and have decided to let him keep it until he is old enough to understand letting it go and that ...


Toddlers Booster Seat Best One? Recaro? Safe n Sound?

Hi has any one bought a Recaro Start Booster seat? THe Recaro supplier in Australia says it is il...

5 replies

Hi, I bought the Recaro Pro Ride for my son 6 years ago in the States and brought it back here. We loooooove it! My younger son i...


3 car seats in Subaru Liberty or Forester?

I'm looking for advice on whether we can comfortably and SAFELY fit 3 car seats in either a Subar...

23 replies

Yes, I can fit 3 seats into my 2004 Forester X for a 2, 6 and 7 yr old. Had to find the right combination though: 1 Safe-N-Sound rev...



Who has used the new and improved "walker" nappies for girls? I bought a new box of the...

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Ruapehukaza wrote: I've just read online that there are imported nappies that have come into NZ that are not manufactured by hu...


Umbrella stroller with suspension?

Hi I am after some suggestions for a compact umbrella stroller to keep in the car as a second str...

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Makes sense, but cant think of one off hand


Famili Car Seat Review

Hi there, I've never used one of these forum's to seek advice but often read from other...

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EZ rider veebee reviews

Hi ladies, We are expecting our second child at the end of the year and our son will be 3.5 by th...

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nz mums!!!! THE MOE SHOW....

Ola ladies!! So who watches The Moe Show? I just discovered this... I'm a fan after only one...

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Let me know what you think little egg


Baby jogger city select

Hi, im looking at buying a baby jogger city select, i already have a strider plus and the capsule...

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Toddler seats for buggies

I have a Mountain buggy urban jungle bought in 2012, they don't make a compatible toddler se...

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Double buggy required for hilly area and dog walking

I'm looking for a good double buggy I can use on hills in the city when I walk the dog, and ...

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Little Egg

Homemade Toddler bed

OK, so we are thinking of putting DS into a toddler bed as we think he is ready. DH thinks if he ...

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Hiring a car seat short term

Hi, does anyone know where i can hire car seats short term? My sister and her family will be visi...

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Karinatuveng wrote: Thanks! Hire for Baby seems to work, i didn't even know about that smile No problem. Enjoy the time with...


3 car seats help!

Hi, We have just found out we are expecting child #3 and it has dawned on me how are we going to...

8 replies

I'm in WA and going through the same thing ... a friend told me that I can email KidSafe with my car make and model and they&#x...


Safety gates for stairs

Hi,, I have just moved to a new house and my daughter is 7months old and now on the move. We hav...

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Snug As A Bug

Nappies at Night

My 2 year old DS wears Huggies Walker Nappies during the day and Junior Nappies at night time. A ...

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Thankyou for your suggestions! I bought a packet of Dry Nites and the last 3 mornings he has woken up dry. He is not fully toilet tr...


Confused about diaper size

Hey All, My baby is 4 month old and weight is 6.5kg. Should i use (Huggies Infant - Small-Medium...

2 replies

Either. If the infants fit nicely still then use them, but if they're not holding well anymore or don't seem to fit nicely...


Pram for a baby and a toddler

I'm just doing some research into prams/buggies for when number 2 arrives. DD will be 2.2 ye...

8 replies

Hi Ladies, Has anyone used the second seat on the Rebel Q Air? What are your thoughts? Ta Phoebe


Babybjorn and baby hips problems

some people on facebook are saying that babybjorn can cause long term hips problems for babies. i...

6 replies

hug a bub is a good alternative. Chiropractic approved!


Stroller / Pram for very tall DD

I need some help... My 22mth old DD has outgrown her current stroller, a steelcraft strider and ...

1 reply

Im not sure about prams but I also have a tall one, I thought outside the square and got a smartrike. You can get cheap ones from b...


Edinburgh Deluxe Booster Seat from Baby Factory

I recently brought a booster seat from the baby factory for my now 2 and a half year old, ive had...

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Hi, I know that you posted this quite a long time ago, I hope that you were able to return it or that you were able to get something...


baby sale sites

Hi does anyone know of any great websites with decent prices for baby gears??

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Baby Jogger City Select

I have a 2yo and another baby due in June. I'm looking to buy a double pram of some sort. I've be...

16 replies

My sister in law has a BJCS and she loves it! 17month old and newborn. Great pram!


Where to buy Swimming Bag? NZ

DD1 started school today! The lucky duck has swimming every day at school. When I was waiting to ...

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Safe and sound

Hey just wondering if anyone else has the safe and sound meridian air car seat and if so how do y...

1 reply

There are elastic loops at the edges of the cover, usually a couple at the front of the seat and a couple up the top at the back. Yo...


Booster seat question

We bought DS a booster seat a while ago. We've been using it with the 5 point harness, but t...

2 replies

Thanks I looked the booster seat up and it says that weight wise he is big enough to use the car seat belt. I tried looking up th...


Thought's on getting Induced

Hi Ladies, Just have a question. I'm a bit nervous about having this baby as my last labour...

6 replies

After reading all your posts I think I'm leaning towards not getting induced. The only reason I wanted to in the first place is...