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Hitting other children Rss

I have a 21 month old and she is often hitting me or her dad or other children when they come over to play. If another child plays with her toys or comes near her when she doesn't want them to she will push them over or hit them. I have tried the 'naughty chair' which didn't work and also putting her in her bedroom as a time out, but that hasn't worked either. She will hit me if I ask her for a kiss or something and she doesn't want to do it - usually on the face. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can change her behaviour? I find it kind of embarrassing when we have other kids over and I find that other parents already see her as a bully which kind of annoys me.
I had, well still have a similar problem with my 17mth old. She slaps us in the face but also BITES. Not good. She was sending kids home from day care twice her age with scratches, bite marks & bruises. It was so embarrassing & also very concerning considering we had no idea where she was getting this from. Now what we have been doing is when she does this to us or even to her teddies or dolls we look her straight in the eyes & with a firm voice say "Sophie NO, that hurts mummy/daddy, say sorry please". Because she can't she sorry she will give us a hug & a kiss.

It is something we have had to be persistant with considering we have baby number 2 due in 9 weeks we really have to get this out of her. She is getting good & the people at day care are fantastic in helping with it.

Good luck, don't give up, she will stop it soon!!

Sophie & ?'s Mumma

It probably sounds like crapola advise, or not advise at all, but most kids go through it at that age. Its a phase. Just persist with time-out or what ever discipline you prefer to use and explain to them that it's not on (they understand so much more than we give them credit for) eventually they'll get over it and realise that there's better ways to get attention from people.

Thanks guys, it always helps to know others kids do the same thing!
I also had the same issue with my DS around the same age (he's 21/2 now) and I also tried the 'thinking corner/chair' which worked for about a week and then didnt when he figured out he could just get up and leave. We have had sucess with time out but the secret I've found is that time out has to be very, very boring, and it has to be consistent. Every single time he hit us, even if it didnt hurt, he went to time out. Eventually he has stopped hitting and anytime he has a little relapse it only takes 1 or 2 times in time out to nip it in the bud.

Hope this helps smile Good luck.
i feel so much better now i know my child isnt the only one that does this!!

Paige 23/5/06 Tyler 27/11/08

My son has just started hitting and biting other children during play. Apparantly at daycare it is mostly unprovoked. reading these posts has given me some great advice!
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