My almost 2 year old has just started to ignore her nan (My mil) and mil is taking it extremely personally. To the point where she refuses to even try or even talk to my dd when we are around there. I personally think my dd isn't feeling herself as she has been extra clingy and think my mil is being so ridiculous and immature about the whole thing. But taking the love away isn't going to help! She even went as far as to say in front of my 10 yr old 'when i find out who's been telling her not to talk to me there's gunna be trouble)
I've tried talking to my dh but he just isn't seeing it. Anyone else have a similar experience? Is this normal behaviour from a toddler? If it was a creepy uncle or something like that it'd be a no brainer but I trust her nan with her life. I'm getting so defensive as she's taking the love away when before they had such a great relationship.