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How do you put your 2 year old to sleep?? Rss

I stay in the room with her and sometimes have to hold her hand or put a hand on her leg. S he has always been a terrible sleeper and becomes so distressed if I leave the room. I don't think it works thPugh as she wakes up in the middle of the night (sometimes earlier) wanting to come into our bed and will go hysterical if we try put her back to sleep. She needs to learn to sleep on her own but it has been hard work so we've let her sleep in our bed, however this can't go on forever! Just interested in your routine? Does your two year old go to sleep on their own with no fuss?

That's really interesting RS I wonder if it's because you knew the importance of them learning to sleep on their own for subsequent kids, or maybe they just get less attention so are better at being self sufficient! Lol DD has always been terrible since birth! Literally day 1 she screamed the nursery down all night at the hospital and even the nurses commented on how unsettled she was. She still cries at bed time every night! Its exhausting which is why she ends up in our bed now..too tired to deal with it. I know if we have another though we are going to have to deal with it at some point.

Yeah dd was 4 weeks premmie. She was born physically healthy but she has always been further thAn 4 weeks behind her peers (eg. my post about her delayed speech). When we look back at her newborn pics it's like seeing a different baby! Now we think "wow she really didn't look ready did she?" she looked so tiny and undercooked!
She then had lots of smaller issues early on so I do thin we fussed over her a lot too.
hopefully it resolves itself as she gets older and we can reason with her more.

Both mine have a special snuggle toy and we give them their toy, sang a special song, pray for them and give them a kiss and walk out.

For some reason both our kids have been pretty good sleepers.

The actual going to bed bit - warning that bedtime is in 5 minutes, then choose 2 or 3 books to read, read them then upstairs to brush teeth, sit on toilet if she's willing, then we have a cuddle on the chair in her room for a few minutes and recap our day picking out the highlights then she climbs into her cot. Snuggly and her fav soft toy live in her cot but I don't think she's too worried about them anymore, she's happy with her thumb and playing with her hair, kiss goodnight and we walk out. She talks to herself for anything from 10min to an hour before going to sleep. Have always put her to bed like that.

We've just bought a "big girls bed" and Im dreading the transition in a way as think she'll be in and out like a yoyo. Not out of her room but just into her soft toys and drawers etc I'm imagining . I'm not going to take the cot down!

Have you ever taken her to anyone like a cranial osteo?
Wow mummsy and nursenellie that sounds lovely! Wish bed time was so relaxed here! We have a routine that is nice and relaxed but once it's time to get into bed the tantrum starts.
No haven't seen a Cranial osteo. When she was a newborn we saw a chiro though. He did a small adjustment but to be honest she had an uncomplicated vaginal birth. I think arriving early though might have made a difference.

Both my kids are really good sleepers now. Their first 6-9 months were awful but then something changed and now they both put themselves to sleep. DD started that all on her own about 10months, and DS I worked towards from about 3 months, started self settling at 6 months. Now I give him a bottle, sing to him and put him in bed and he will talk for anywhere up to half an hour and then go to sleep. DD I read a book, brush her teeth, we pray and sing, tuck her in and kiss, then lights out and she is meant to go to sleep. Since transitioning to s big bed she will often come out s few times, but it's straight back to bed, no nonsense and she eventually falls alseep. Sometimes not till 9-10, even if we put her in at 7.30, but she stays in her room and we mostly don't hear her.

Sorry that's no help, just wanted to say it will hopefully get there! Try putting a portacot in your room for when she wakes up at night? If DD wakes up hysterical at night she sleeps on the floor, she has never been good at sleeping in our bed anyways, so I just put a cot mattress on the floor next to my bed and she sleeps there. Hope you get it sorted before you have another one!

My twins are 3 now but I have never rocked patted or stayed with them in their room while they went to sleep, they both got themselves into a matching routine from day one and always self settled. I think I was probably more strict on it though having the two of them and I am usually on my own for that part of the day but they have never needed me to go to sleep. I made up for those cuddles at other times of the day. They have never slept in our bed either so they dont know that is even an option. The only bad week I had was with one when they transitioned to toddler bed before turning two and it took about a week or so to get that sorted. Bedtime here is 6pm and has been since before they turned two and dropped day sleep and there is never any objections. I have a couple of friends who have struggled at bedtime constantly and I know I am very lucky that once they are in bed at 6pm I get a bit of me time for a while.
nursenellie wrote:
We've just bought a "big girls bed" and Im dreading the transition in a way as think she'll be in and out like a yoyo. Not out of her room but just into her soft toys and drawers etc I'm imagining . I'm not going to take the cot down!

I was dreading going to a big bed for both my kids and both were surprising great smile

I was more worried about DS then DD as he likes to push the boundaries. Strangely even when he takes a while to go to sleep he just mucks around in his bed but doesn't get off his bed. Same with the mornings. He just talks and sings and plays in his bed. We have to call out to him and tell him to get out of bed before he comes out of his room! Funny kid! I so thought he'd be the one to hop out of bed and start playing with his toys!

Fingers crossed your girl handles the big girl bed transition with ease smile
Lol it's not alwys relaxed and easy steph much as I'd like it to be - usually she'll protest about only 2 books instead of 3 (or 10 books instead of 11 if she had her way) , then either being carried or walk by herself up the stairs (always her choice but will change her mind) then brushing teeth and not sitting nice and still etc then getting into bed and the pillow isnt right or something - I always do my best to reason with her but there gets a point where sometimes it's just delaying tactics / over tiredness and I say i love you goodnight and walk out, she might cry for a few minutes then settles . So although I may have painted a relaxed picture she still try it on!
Comfortable and her fav smooth toy reside in her cot but I don't think she's too concerned about them any longer, she's satisfied with her thumbs and enjoying with her locks,

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